MX TakaTak App is from which country? Everything You Need to Know About MX TakaTak

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TikTok became a household name worldwide, especially during the lockdown when most people were stuck at places due to the restrictions. The 15 seconds of entertainment provided comfort by distracting us from a virus that was wreaking havoc across the globe. But the Indian government banned the ByteDance-owned app and 59 other Chinese applications in June 2020, leaving its influencers and audiences to switch to alternatives – except there weren’t any.

A month later, MX Media, creators of MX Player, launched supposed TikTok rival MX TakaTak giving a slight sigh of relief to those looking for a viable choice. 6 months later, the app has 3,80,605 downloads on the Play Store with 4.2 ratings. Many content creators hope that this platform will make up for the lost time, but if you are curious to know the MX Takatak app is from which country, I will tell you just that and some details to help you understand the short-video platform.

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Understanding short-form video platforms

People are frequently using mobile phones, even for menial tasks such as alarms, meditation, etc. It is said that smartphone insertion is supposed to reach about 80% by the next year. Due to the lockdown, most of us turned to our phones to keep boredom at bay, of which social networking and communication played a huge part. 24×7 News feed added to the experience.

Chinese company ByteDance had launched back in 2016, now known to the world as TikTok. It is a video-sharing social networking service that lets users show off their talent in mere 15 seconds. Fast forward to June 2020, the Government of India banned a few Chinese apps, including TikTok citing security concerns. But it made way for a type of content that posed as a direct threat to YouTube, where videos can be as long as the creators want them to be.

Since everything is available at our fingertips, smartphone users’ patience has reduced in the past few years. Seldom people watch a long YouTube video, as opposed to 15-seconds TikTok videos, which have an appeal of their own. Snapchat stories were the beginning of the new era of content that lasts for a while but is entertaining. Soon, stories and newsfeed became an essential platform, and then short-form videos made us realize that entertainment is not always a 3-hour long film.

Influencers have proved that 15 seconds is (sort of) enough to educate followers on fashion, makeup trends, marketing objectives, and broadcasting information. TikTok did the same thing to short-form videos as Twitter – which let its users talk about matters on the platform in 140 characters (now 280). Mainly, short-form videos make celebrities out of ordinary yet talented people.

Now that you know what short-form videos are let us see what does MX TakaTak has to offer.

MX TakaTak App is from which country? Everything You Need to Know About MX TakaTak

MX TakaTak is developed by MX Media & Entertainment (formerly known as J2 Interactive), an Indian video streaming platform seen as a direct rival to the now-banned TikTok platform. It was launched in July 2020 in India – a month after TikTok was banned along with 59 other Chinese apps. The platform claims to have 10 million+ content creators and over 69 million monthly active users. Even though TikTok isn’t in the scene anymore – with doubt looming over its re-launch in the nation – it still faces stiff competition from Chingari, Moj, Mitron, Roposo, and Instagram’s Reels.

MX TakaTak ranks on the top in the App Store’s Entertainment category, while Android users have given it a 4.2 rating. The app is akin to TikTok – making short videos that can be shared on social media. Users can watch content ranging from comedy, gaming, food to memes. Simply install the application on your smartphone, create short videos (dubbed movie dialogues, dance videos, etc.), and share it for more viewership on WhatsApp and other social media.

Developers have also included an advanced editing option that further enhances the videos made by content creators. The effects and filters are in vogue, and the editing tools make it an easy TikTok alternative.

MX TakaTak is also a community that hosts over 15 million content creators on the web with more than. The application is quite easy to navigate around. Each creator gets access to content creation tools like new innovative filters or effects, sound mixing, an background music repository, voice recording, exceptional beautification tools, and a lot more.

What are its features?

Since many of you are new to MX Takatak, I will break down its features that might sway you from its competitors.

MX TakaTak App is from which country

Users can shoot videos and edit them to make them look more creative. ‘Beauty cam’ enthusiasts will cheer the built-in beauty filters and effects that modify your appearance 1 step further. Of course, a large music repository is an essential feature to create appealing videos. Pick music from a vast library with a fresh editor’s choice. You can start a story with your photos, but a photo editor’s inclusion will come in handy. What I like about MX TakaTak is its video editor that lets users merge videos, alter their timing, etc.

People create videos to share with their contacts. With MX TakaTak, you can save and share status. You can choose from 10,000 status videos that suit your style. Social media is incomplete without ‘trend’; you can browse superb videos that trend on the app. Lastly, the app supports languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, etc.


What is MX TakaTak?

MX TakaTak, developed by MX Media & Entertainment, is a short-form video sharing platform where users can watch and share short yet fun videos. It’s similar to TikTok.

Which country made MX TakaTak?

MX TakaTak is developed by MX Media & Entertainment, which created the MX Player – an Indian firm.

Does MX TakaTak pay money?

You can earn money by posting original and superb content on MX TakaTak. One way to earn money from the app is by posting videos, and it will make money on its own. Gain good views and followers, which will pave the way for sponsorship. The firm will then ask you to endorse products in short videos.

How do you get famous on TakaTak MX?

In order to get famous, you’ll need to create an alluring MX TakaTak profile > Follow relevant trends > Upload original content > Use updated video production equipment > Share your content on various social media platforms.

How many followers do you need to get verified on MX TakaTak?

The firm doesn’t mention the number of followers one needs to accrue to get the creator badge on MX TakaTak, but some users believe that one needs to have at least 20K followers to be a suitable badge.


Now that you know the MX Takatak app is from which country, you can trust the platform to promote you in every nook and corner of the nation. The founders will also launch a ₹100 crore creator fund to grant stimulus to content creators for producing videos on the app. This fund will be accessible to all Indian citizens who have constantly been uploading content in different categories such as technology, sports, entertainment, art, education, fashion, travel, photography, makeup, etc.

If you were an Indian TikToker and are looking for a suitable platform, MX Takatak should be your choice. You might have seen in the YouTube comments section where people write “saw it on TikTok,” or “came from TikTok.” The video-sharing social networking service was launched in India back in September 2016 as; you have plenty of time to find a footing on the platform.

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