A list of Most Used Emojis in the World

A list of most-used emojis in the World
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Quarantine has made me curious about a lot of topics. The world’s most used emojis being one of the hundreds. But what are emojis? Oxford Dictionary defines emojis as “A small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communications.” This swarm of emojis has taken over our digital life as many of us don’t communicate with words. The inclusion of emojis in our messaging culture wasn’t sudden. It gradually made its place in our electronic world.

With the help of emojis, humans get to embrace brevity. A single emoji conveys the meaning of a sentence alone. For instance, nowadays people hardly message that they are in the loo; they can easily swipe up the emoji tray and send a bathroom emoji. Although using emojis is still considered informal, people have reportedly used emojis in a formal environment. Without further ado, let’s see a list of the most used emojis.

A list of most used emojis in the World

A list of most-used emojis in the World
Image Source: Brandwatch

Face with Tears of Joy


The most used emoji in the world is Face with Tears of Joy! The big grin along with uplifted eyebrows, smiling eyes, and tears as a result of laughing hard is etched in our minds (and the emoji tray). This emoji signifies that a thing is either pleasing or utterly funny.

Red Heart


There isn’t a need to explain the Red Heart emoji. Used for expression of love, it is exchanged between lovers, BFFs, siblings, or parents. Using this emoji signifies that the other person means a lot to you. It’s also constantly used nowadays.

Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes


This is the third most used emoji in the world. The smiling teeth, the cartoon-styled red heart instead of eyes signifies feelings of love, adoration, or something that you’ve fallen at first sight for. It also has a cat variant.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing


When you see an extremely hilarious meme, you are bound to tap this emoji. Its scrunched, X-shaped eyes with a tear on either side indicate that you’ve seen something so funny that you are rolling on the floor laughing.

Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes


The emoji with smiling eyes, rosy cheeks with a closed smile is used to expresses pure, warm, and positive feelings.

Folded Hands


In Indian culture, two folded hands are considered a greeting. In Japan, people use this emoji when they want to say thank you or please. It could also indicate praying. I would like to assume that many people are using this emoji to greet on messaging platforms, thanks to COVID-19.

Two Hearts


Two (pink) hearts are better than one. The emoji, which has one smaller heart in the front and a larger one at the back, indicates that love is in the air. Perhaps, cupid is nearby!

Loudly Crying Face


The crying emoji is used when you cannot control the negative emotions. People use it to express grief. For instance, this emoji could be apt to express if the government extends the lockdown during the on-going pandemic.

Face Blowing a Kiss


Face Blowing a Kiss has a cute wink and a kiss at its lips. This emoji expresses a goodbye kiss or conveys a feeling of affection.

Thumbs Up


This emoji indicates that you approve of a certain thing. It’s usually used when people run out of things to say.

Clapping Hands


This emoji is used to show adulation by clapping for the other person. Don’t shy to use it when someone achieves something important. Don’t forget to call them!

Fire / Hot


The Fire emoji can be interpreted in different ways. It could mean that something is on fire, that something is lit. You can also use this emoji when your partner looks hot AF!

Broken heart


The red heart is a symbol of love whereas this symbol means that a heart is broken into two. You can either use this emoji when you feel that something has hurt you or you are missing someone.

Sparkling heart


Another heart, albeit pink, on the list of the most used emojis, the sparkling heart has stars around it. It looks, eh, sparkling. You can use this emoji to express overwhelming affection.

Blue heart


The Blue heart emoji’s accurate usage is unknown but you can send it to friends as red heart usually symbolizes love.

Call me


This emoji replicates the calling gesture. If you observe carefully, the shape of the emoji resembles a traditional phone. The emoji also has a different meaning. Known as the Shaka sign, it is a friendly gesture that is associated with Hawaii and surfing culture.

Commonly used Emojis used in different Countries

Arabic countries: Rose and Sun.

🌹 ☀️

Australians: Alcohol glasses, Celebrations, and Fries.

🥂 🍷 🎉 🍟

Canadians: Banana, Peach, Money-related, and Sports emojis.

🍌 🍑 💰 🏅 🏟️ 

French: 56% of people in France use Red-heart emojis. Of course, love is the language that flows through their veins.

❤️ ☺️ 😭

India: Heart-eyes, Tears of joy, Blowing kisses, OK hand, Crying face, Beaming face with smiling eyes, Thumbs-up, Folded hands, and Smiling face with sunglasses.

😍 😂 😘 👌 😢 😁 👍 🙏 😎

Russia: Fire, Red heart, Tears of joy, and Snowflakes.

🔥 ❤️ 😂 ❄️ 

South Africa: Kiss and wink.

😘 😉

South Korea: Flushed face emoji, Wink, Crying, Sleeping face, and Okay button.

😳 😉 😢 😴 🆗

UK: Tears of joy, Smiling face, Blowing kisses, Wink.

😂 ☺️ 😘 😉

USA: Meat, Pizzas, Skull, iPhone, and Eggplant.

🍖 🍕 💀 📱 🍆

Most confused Emojis 😕

Laughing-so-hard that I’m crying face – Confused as Tears of Joy.

Praying emoji – Confused for a high-five.

Helpful information desk person – Confused for a ‘Disappointed but Relieved’ face

Hot Springs – Confused for being a hot cup of beverage.

Bowing down because he’s sorry – Confused for being a stressed boy.

Shocked with Double XX on eyes – Confused as dead.

Celebration hands – Confused as a praising hand.

Hushed face – Confused for shocked emoji.

Enjoying food – Confused as Goofy or teasing emoji.

Poop – Confused for being a happy chocolate ice cream.

Woman with crossed hands – Confused as a combat emoji.


I hope this list of the most used emojis has satisfied your curiosity. Face with Tears of Joy, Red Heart, Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes, Rolling on the Floor Laughing, and Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes are the most used emojis in the world. As for me, Face with Tears of Joy, Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes, See No Evil, and Pleading Face Emoji are the top 5 emojis. It’s fun, and sometimes pure evil, to not say anything but fire up an emoji, to sum up, things.

Do you prefer long sentences or emojis? What is your most used emojis? If given a chance, which new emoji would you like do add in the emoji tray? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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