Logitech unveils Mechanical keyboard and other accessories for Mac users

There's no Windows key as the keyboard comes with Mac-specific keycaps.

Logitech unveils Mechanical keyboard and other accessories for Mac users

Logitech has launched a new ‘Designed for Mac’ brand offering a scope of keyboards and mice that are aspired at Apple users.

They include MX Mechanical Mini, Logitech K380, MX Master 3S, and Logitech Lift vertical ergonomic mouse.

The keyboards feature Mac-compatible formats like ‘option’ and ‘command,’ but the function key rows lack a shortcut for opening Mission Control, like the built-in Mac keyboards. Users can use the optional Logi Options+ tool to remap keys to match their preferences.

Logitech launched the new brand as it considers that many Apple customers won’t purchase accessories that are not explicitly branded for Mac users.

All four accessories will be on sale this month and retail for the same price as the pre-existing versions. The MX Mechanical Mini for Mac costs $149.99, the K380 for Mac $39.99, the MX Master 3S for Mac $99.99, and the Lift for Mac $69.99.

Unlike the original MX Mechanical Mini, the Mac version doesn’t include a USB-A dongle. Users can still pair the keyboard with a Logitech USB receiver which should be purchased separately.

Logitech declares that the keyboard can last up to 15 days with its backlight on or ten months off before requiring a charge. The Logitech Options+ software comes with a battery meter so that users can keep track of the juice.

Logitech unveils Mechanical keyboard and other accessories for Mac users
Image credits: Ars Technica

The MX Mechanical Mini for Mac is only available in one size, color, and switch type. However, that layout and multi-device connectivity still make it a handy option for Mac users.

The mechanical keyboard is designed to be paired with an MX Master 3S for Mac mouse, also available in Space Gray and Pale Gray. Like the keyboard, It also charges over USB-C.

Mac-based power users who desire a Numpad, dongle support, macros, or something other than low-profile tactile switches should look elsewhere. But its advantages are being a portable wireless keyboard with multiple device support and delightful tactile typing.

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