If Dashlane has its way, Passkeys could soon replace Passwords

If Dashlane has its way, Passkeys could soon replace Passwords

Password manager Dashlane is looking for a way to usher in a ‘Passwordless E,” which it will achieve by integrating Passkey support just ahead of the iOS 16 release due next week.

The company’s blog post declared in-browser passkey support for its password management service. So now, users can begin importing passkeys generated by other services into their accounts.

“In the coming weeks, smartphones and laptops will receive a system update that will make passwordless authentication a reality,” Dashlane mentioned in the blog.

If Dashlane has its way, Passkeys could soon replace Passwords
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According to the blog, “This more secure, phishing-resistant authentication method has been discussed for years, but adoption has been slow because of technical burdens on the user, limited adoption by websites, and limited interoperability of solutions across platforms (browsers, operating systems, and devices). However, recent industry announcements from the FIDO (“Fast IDentity Online”) Alliance and larger platform players like Apple, Microsoft, and Google bring hope that adoption may soon begin to ramp up.”

Dashlane reports that the users will be able to log in across all types of sites with the app with this new passwordless authentication and sites that require a password; they also store their passkey for multiple sites that can be enjoyed as it “automagically” logs in to sites.

Apple’s upcoming system implementation in iOS 16 will frequently involve taking a picture of a QR code to log in. Still, Dashlane states that the process can be made swifter with the help of its apps for most platforms and an extension for most browsers.

What are Passkeys? And how will Apple’s biometric security be used in all this?

Passkeys are an extension of the FIDO Standard feature that Apple implemented in its iOS 15 and macOS 12 upgrades last year. Regardless, the FIDO Standard feature requires the user to log into each app or website on each device before enabling a password-less sign-in method. Passkeys become hassle-free by removing this step, allowing users to transition to a password-less login method.

Moreover, Apple’s existing support for biometric logins – Touch ID & Face ID – will also extend to passkey so that you can quickly authenticate with either biometric your iPhone has. This clearly makes passkeys more potent than all other regularly used types of two-factor authentication.

According to The Verge, “Passwords are dying, long live passkey.” Let’s take this path toward security.

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