How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously


If you want to look at the stories of a person you no longer follow on Instagram, you can easily do that if the person’s account is not private. However, he/she will get to know that you’re checking on them. Instagram’s story feature lets a person keep a track of who all have viewed their story. There’s probably not a way available within the app that will let you view a person’s Instagram story without them knowing. Well, if you want to peek into someone’s Instagram stories anonymously, then here you’ve arrived at the right place.

How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

We have gathered some of the best workarounds that will let you spy on someone’s Instagram Stories without the person knowing. 

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View Instagram Stories anonymously with;

1. Storiesdown

How to watch Instagram stories anonymously

Undoubtedly, the best way to anonymously watch Instagram stories of a person involves the use of Storiesdown. It’s an amazing website where you can see Instagram stories without actually letting the person know. The interesting part, you don’t have to log in to your account to do that, just place the username you want to spy on and you’re good to go. You can download the Instagram story of that person with the help of this website. 

StorySaver App for Android and Story Reposter for iOS

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If you don’t want to spy on someone’s Instagram Stories through a website, then downloading an app meant for that purpose should be your way out. Download StorySaver App for Android and Story Reposter for iOS and you should be all set to view Instagram stories anonymously. Both of these apps will make sure, the person doesn’t get a gist that you have viewed their story. 

Airplane Mode

Well, if you don’t want to incorporate any of the above said ways for viewing Instagram stories anonymously then this one would be the easiest way for you to try. For this trick to work, you must have an Instagram app installed on your device. Open Instagram, let all the stories load, after that turn on Airplane mode, open Instagram again to view the stories. Now as all the stories will be pre-loaded, you’ll be able to view them and since your Airplane mode is on, the person will not be notified about your view. 


How do you view a story on Instagram anonymously?

You can equip any of the above-listed ways to view a story on Instagram anonymously.

Can you secretly watch Instagram stories?

Yes, you can but for that, you’ll have to rely on some workarounds as Instagram doesn’t incorporate a special feature for the same.

Can someone see that I viewed their Instagram story if we are not friends?
Yes, your view will be counted even if you don’t follow them.


So this was all about how you can watch Instagram stories anonymously.

Well, as long as you’re not offending content that person has on their Instagram stories, it’s perfectly fine to view someone’s Instagram stories anonymously. We understand that doing so will not creep that person out. So which one is it that you are going to install on your device for spying on someone’s Instagram stories, let us know in the comment section below.  

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