How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram has been giving us life goals for a long time now, even though they may seem superficial. Lockdown has been hard on everyone, but social media has provided us with trends and workouts that we all are grateful for. Instagram’s story feature skyrocketed during this time.

Many of us have followed trends or stalked our crushes/celebrities through the Story feature. But, a few of us want to see another account’s Instagram Stories anonymously. You may want to stalk an ex or a secret crush – both qualify for a creep. The other reason could be to anonymously research influencers by marketer and brand for a campaign to know more about them.

How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Whatever the reason, you will find several approaches to watch Instagram Stories anonymously. I have listed five methods, so you can try all of them or the one that seems easy to you. Let’s explore them!

Method 1: Airplane Mode

You can instantly view Stories with this hack. You see, Instagram preloads a few stories when you log on. When your cellular or WiFi is disconnected, Stories don’t count your view. So we are going to advantage of this.

Step 1: Launch Instagram on your phone.

Step 2: Open the profile whose Story you want to view.

Step 3: Now, either go to Settings > Connections > Airplane mode OR pull down your notification panel and tap on Airplane Mode.

How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Step 4: Go back to Instagram.

Step 5: Open the Story.

The person won’t be able to see you in their viewer’s log. Keep in mind that you can only view a few Stories if the profile has many slides.

Method 2: Websites

Websites are great, aren’t they? Numerous websites let you download or see Instagram content, including Stories. Stories: Instagram Story Viewer & Downloader is one of them. You shan’t enter your account details as the website will let you see the profile’s content without any hassle.

How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Another website is Ingramer. All you need to do is enter the user name to view their Stories anonymously, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to view their Stories or other content if the user’s account is private.

Method 3: Third-party Apps

After websites, applications are the only source to get things done virtually. If you view a ton of Stories on a daily basis, it is best to do it on an app. Again, several apps let you watch Instagram Stories anonymously.

One of the well-known modded apps is the GB Insta, which is Instagram on steroids that lets you download posts, videos, Stories, or even profile pictures with a single tap. But this isn’t available on any app store, so install it from here – at your own risk!!

How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

StorySaver App for Android or ‎Story Saver for Me for iOS is other applications on the respective app stores that do as advertised. Like websites, you don’t have to enter your account details (except GB Insta or modded apps). Simply type the username accurately and watch Instagram Stories anonymously.

Method 4: Chrome IG Story Extension

This is an interesting one. A simple extension will also help you watch Instagram Stories anonymously. IG stories for Instagram are extensions for the Google Chrome browser that lets you view anyone’s Instagram Stories sans an account. You have to install it on the Chrome browser and access any public account to watch their Stories anonymously.

For those who use Firefox, StoriesWatcher is an apt extension. You can view stories without logging in, and your view won’t be counted. This extension is also available for the Chrome browser.

Method 5: Create a secondary Instagram account

If you feel the above-mentioned methods are too complicated, another option simply requires you to create an additional Instagram account. Sounds simpler. With an anonymous Instagram account, you can access any person’s content and stories without leaving your trace.

How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

If the account is private, you’ll have to create an interesting profile so that she/he follows you. You’ll have to simply switch between your main account to the dummy one with a secondary Instagram account.


Does Instagram let us view Stories anonymously?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not let us view Stories anonymously, and I don’t think they will introduce it in the future.

How do you watch someone’s story on Instagram without them knowing?

The aforementioned methods will let you view someone’s story on Instagram without them knowing. The first and the fourth methods are quite easy.

Can someone see that I viewed their Instagram story if we are not friends?

Yes, if you can view someone’s story, then they too can see that you viewed it. If you don’t follow that account, the person will still know that you viewed their story.

How to see who viewed your story?

Open your story and swipe up on the screen to look at who’s seen your story. Here, you will see the usernames and numbers of those who have viewed each photo or video in your story. The good thing is that you can only view it.

Who shows up first on Instagram stories?

As Instagram depends on your past experiences – whose account you view the most – it assumes and makes the account’s Stories the first in your feed.

Why did Instagram change the order of story viewers?

You’ll notice changes in the order of Instagram stories when you keep checking who has seen your story consistently. This is all thanks to Instagram’s algorithm that shows you a new assortment of people by resetting your list.


This is how you can watch Instagram Stories anonymously. Checking stories is quite tricky – for the party who checks it, but quite ecstatic for those whose story it is. Being anonymous doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a creep stalking people left, right, and center; you could be a marketer or someone with a solid reason to be in the shadows.

Since Instagram doesn’t offer an innate way to be anonymous, the aforementioned methods will make you go incognito in other’s stories quite effectively. But ensure that it isn’t for nefarious reasons. Tell us in the comments below why you would want to watch Instagram Stories anonymously.

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