How to Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing and social networking platform with around billions of users worldwide.

Mainly popular among millennials and Gen Z, the app gained immense popularity in a relatively short span of time.

As the app gets more and more advanced every single moment, it can tend to become addictive at a certain point.

And that is why, most people opt to deactivate or rather delete their Instagram account.

At times, it can be hard to recognize as to whether the person has actually deleted their Instagram account or have preferably chosen to block you. 

How to Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram?

You can follow the below-listed steps to find out whether or not the person has deleted their Instagram account.

1. Search for that person’s profile

How to Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram?

It’s quite possible that you may have already tried this in the first place. But maybe not precisely.

Visit the suspected person’s profile, copy the profile URL from Instagram and paste it on the web.

After that, if you come across a message saying ‘sorry, that page isn’t available’, then the person has either deactivated or deleted the account.

In case the person has blocked you, you will no longer be able to see anything related to the  account of that person.

2. Check whether the person has changed his/her username

At times, it is possible that the person you may have been looking for has changed his/her username.

For this, you’ll have to verify the person in your following list and if you can’t find him/her there, it is a clear indication that the user name of that particular person has been changed. 

3. Don’t log in and then check that person’s profile

How to Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram

This is indeed a very useful way to find out whether a person has deleted the account.

To do so, don’t log in to the device you are going to search for.

After logging out, copy the profile URL and open the web.

Then paste the URL and search for it. If you can see the profile of that person on the web, then the person has blocked you.

And if you cannot find the profile even after logging out, it means the  person has probably deleted the account. 


These were some of the most workable methods you can try to find about a particular person’s deleted account.

You can even seek help from your friends to check whether the person has deleted his/her profile or not.

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