How to Set up Voicemail on Android

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Want to know How to set up Voicemail on Android devices? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Voicemail comes to great help when you simply can’t answer a call at a given time, say, you’re in an important meeting and someone’s call shows up, you’ll not answer the call, will you? People have also started to use voicemail systems over the years due to all the functionalities that it comes equipped with.

So if you’re looking forward to setting up voicemail on your Android device, you can easily set one by following the steps mentioned below in this article. However, if you’re using an older phone, there are possibilities that your device won’t support the service. In this case, you’ll have to opt for some other alternative.    

How to Set up Voicemail on Android:

  • Open your Android’s Phone app
  • Press and hold 1 on the dialer. If you’re setting up voicemail for the first time, then you’ll probably get the message “No voicemail number is stored on the card.” After that listen to the prompts for instructions to set it up. 

How to Set up Voicemail on Android

  • Tap Add number and then Service.
  • Select My carrier or My operator.
  • Now tap Setup and select Voicemail number. 
  • Type in your voicemail number.

How to Set up Voicemail on Android

  • Then tap on OK after entering your voicemail number.
  • After that tap on OK in the Voicemail number changed popup and launch the Phone app.
  • Now tap and hold the number 1 key. This will initiate a call to your voicemail service.
  • Enter a PIN or password when prompted. 
  • Record your name and choose your greeting by speaking when prompted by the voice command.
  • Then follow the instructions to complete the process.


How do I set up voicemail on my phone?

Follow the above-mentioned steps to complete the voicemail setup process.

Is there a voicemail app for Android?

You can download a third-party app if your service provider doesn’t support visual voicemail.

What is a good voicemail app?

Google Voice is one of the best visual voicemail apps for Android. HulloMail Smart Voicemail, InstaVoice, YouMail Robocall Blocker & Voicemail are some of the other options. 


So this was our guide on how to set up voicemail on Android. The process of setting up voicemail is very easy, however, if your service provider doesn’t offer support for visual voicemail, then you should probably opt for a third-party app.

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