How to Make Emoji of Yourself


Well, there’s absolutely no denying how emojis light up a dull conversation.

You might have an endless number of emojis with varied expressions on your device but yet not be satisfied with some of them on occasions.

In that case, the best way to express yourself would indeed be with an emoji of your own face. How exciting is that? But how to get one?

How to Make Emoji of Yourself

With the right tools, you can create emojis of your pictures, customize your facial expressions and get the exact same emotion you did wanted. 

Here’s how to create one with the help of using several popular apps/tools for both Android and iOS platforms. 

1. Using Gboard Minis

How to Make Emoji of Yourself

Gboard is Google’s own keyboard that comes equipped with tons of interesting emojis, GIFs, and stickers. One of its special features named ‘Minis’ allows you to create a sticker version of yourself.

It is available for free and lets you send emojis across all major platforms. 

Download Gboard: Android | iOS

Here’s how to create personalized stickers in Gboard using Gboard Minis.

Step 1: Install Gboard on your device. Before you begin with the further process, I would suggest you to update the app. 

Step 2: Next, make Gboard as your default keyboard app. To do so, go to phone Settings > General (or System) > Language & Input > Keyboard and set Gboard as default.

Step 3: Open any app that supports messaging, here, I would take WhatsApp as an example. 

Step 4: Now to launch the default keyboard, tap on the texting area.  

Step 5: Click on the emoji button on the keyboard, It will either be displayed as the comma button or a separate button. If it’s there in the form of a comma, long tap on it and then on the emoji button.

How to Make Emoji of Yourself

Step 6: Tap the add icon in the top panel, you’ll find it in the Sticker tab present at the bottom. 

Step 7: Next, hit the “Add under Minis’’ option.

Step 8: Gboard will now ask you to scan your face, permit Gboard to take pictures. 

would want to scan your face to create personalized emojis. So permit Gboard to take pictures. Then fit your face inside the available box. Wait for the magic to happen.

Step 9: Now in the box available, fit your face in such a way that it perfectly gets enclosed in the area provided. 

Step 10: Now Gboard will prompt with an option saying ‘’Show me”, tap on it. 

Step 11: You will now be shown three types of Minis. 

Step 12: Now, tap on Customize next to the set that you wish to modify. 

Step 13: Then using the available options, customize your Mini. When done, tap on Save.

Step 14: Now tap on the emoji icon in Gboard and go to Stickers to use your personalized emojis. At the top bar, you’ll find your sticker pack. You can send them by directly tapping on it. 

2. Using imoji (For iOS)

How to Make Emoji of Yourself

Imoji is an amazing app that people with iDevices can use to create their own avatar stickers and send them to their friends on all social media platforms. 

Here’s how to use Imoji to create cartoon avatar emoji:

Step 1: Open the app once installed and tap the plus sign to add a new imoji or artmoji.

Step 2: Next click on “imoji” and the camera will show up. 

Step 3: Take a picture with the camera within the dotted oval. You can even use an existing photo from your devices’ gallery. Once you’re sure that your picture fits fine within the dotted oval, tap the arrow button.

Step 4:  Imoji will now cut out everything on its own that wasn’t included inside the oval. However, you can use your finger to create an outline around your emoji subject to get a more precise border around your emoji.

Step 5: Now tap on your emoji and it will bring up a list of sharing options to you. 

3. Using Emoji Apps Like Bitmoji

There are a large number of emoji apps that you can hop onto if you have a smartphone with you. Bitmoji is one of the best emoji apps that is available for both Android & iOS. It allows you to create your own personal emoji. You can choose from the huge library of emojis. 

Do check out our post on Best Emoji Maker Apps For Android. There, you’ll find a bunch of amazing apps that will let you create custom emojis of yourself. 


How do I make an emoji of myself on my phone?

You can make an emoji of yourself on your phone easily by following any way around enlisted above in this article. 

What is the app to make an emoji of yourself?

There are several emoji maker apps available out there for both Android and iOS platforms. They will create illustrated stickers for you based on your selfie.


So this was our guide on how to create your own emoji avatar. Customizing your personalized emoji avatar may sound a bit of a task but only when you don’t have the right set of tools with you.

Well, the best part about creating an emoji of yourself is that most of the time, all it takes is just a selfie as the rest is done by the emoji maker app itself. 

Excited about making your own emoji? Create one and let us know how much did you love it!

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