How to Get Rid of Technology Addiction

technology addiction

Ever since technology has made its path in our lives, we have become addicted to its functioning nature. If you too get immersed in your phone/computer and are unable to focus on real-life things, then you should immediately switch to a healthy habit. 

Technology addiction is common and that statistics conclude- more than 90% of teenagers use social media and play video games, both of which are considered to be the most addictive form of technology. 

How to Get Rid of Technology Addiction

So if you are addicted to technology and are looking for substitutes that can help you utilize some time for productive work, then you indeed have arrived at the right place. Down below we’ve discussed the 7 most effective ways that will help you get rid of technology addiction. 

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1. Get a Hobby

Getting yourself a new hobby is one of the best activities to engage into, especially when you can’t get away from technology addiction. Well, now the question is how to choose a hobby. You can start with anything you like, for example, enroll yourself into singing classes if you love to sing or start baking if you think that is what makes you feel more lively. Some of the hobbies that you can indulge yourselves in are reading, writing, knitting, gardening, and scrapbooking. 

2. Read books

How to Get Rid of Technology Addiction

Reading is a kind of therapy that stimulates you to discover things beyond your imagination. It’s the best substitute for technology addiction. Well, now you would be thinking about what book to start with. For that, you can google up books based on your interest or ask your friends for suggestions. Once you’re engrossed in reading, you will surely forget about checking your phone for notifications. Reading books will also add value to your vocabulary, so choose a book, start reading and experience a whole new world. 

3. Spend quality time with your family and friends

No messenger app can reach the level of a heart-to-heart genuine conversation. Talk to your parents, sister, brother, friend, husband, wife, or with anyone whom you feel connected with. Sharing thoughts with them will make a huge difference in how you deal with things in real life. Several studies have concluded that time spent with friends and family leads to a happy lifestyle. Interacting with them will also help you combat stress. As they say, good times are spent together, start scheduling time to interact with your family as well as friends and discuss things right away. 

4. Don’t use Google for everything

We all have become addicted to technology to a level that even for the simplest answer, we rely on Google. Well, that’s the easiest way to find an answer for anything. Just pick the phone and search for things, you’ll have the solution in front of you within seconds. This is good but only to a certain extent. Sometimes you can get even better solutions for your doubts by just thinking or asking a person around you for the same. So next time when you face doubt or difficulty, simply think or ask instead of googling it. 

5. Make a list of things you’re grateful for

How to Get Rid of Technology Addiction

Another way of getting rid of technology addiction would be to make a gratitude list. This way you can lead a more mindful lifestyle. This is indeed the simplest of all things mentioned as you don’t need to put in a lot of effort. Simply pick a book and I am sure you would have at least five things on mind that you’re grateful for. So, give this a try and you’ll surely experience a change in your lifestyle.

6. Go for a walk 

Whenever you’re exhausted, be it for any reason, consider going for a walk rather than performing any other activity. It’s the best thing you can do to improve your overall health- physically and mentally. Also, make sure you don’t take your phone or else you’ll get distracted by that floating notifications. Download an app that can help count your steps, that way, you’ll also have a track of your walking practices. Walking is definitely gonna help you so rather than wasting your time on social, go for a walk instead. 

7. Practice Yoga or any other form of exercise

How to Get Rid of Technology Addiction

Performing some form of exercise or even yoga for that matter is completely beneficial. Either of the two is going to impart a positive effect on your overall personality. So if you can’t keep away from technology, incorporating yoga or exercise would be the best way to start dealing with technology addiction. Even researchers have concluded that 30 minutes of exercise each day helps boost the overall wellness of an individual. 


How do we stop technology addiction?

You can incorporate any of the above-listed ways to stop technology addiction. They’ll definitely work for you. 

Why is technology so addicting?

Spending too much time on the internet can make people forget about some disturbing things, that is why at some point technology becomes addictive. 

What is it called when you’re addicted to technology?

Technology addiction is a term that is used when someone is addicted to technology.

How does technology affect mental health?

Excessive use of technology can increase the risk of depression and even reduce the physical activity of an individual.


So this was all about how to get rid of technology addiction. Too much of anything is dangerous to health and therefore you should limit on activities that are not benefiting you. Incorporating some of these habits into your day-to-day life will surely make you more creative and productive. So what is it that you are going to start to avoid excessive use of technology, is it a hobby that you’re going to undertake or a walk will do for you. Tell us in the comment section below.  

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