How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos on Android & iPhone

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WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform that has garnered immense popularity all across the globe. It is used for sharing messages, images, videos, and news with friends and family. Among various useful features that WhatsApp incorporates within its system is the story feature (same as Snapchat and Instagram). 

The only difference is that it is named Status instead of Story. The image and videos that you post on WhatsApp status will only remain for 24 hours and will automatically disappear after the said time period.

If you want to repost it or save it for future access then you’ll probably have to rely on another source as WhatsApp itself does not have a feature for direct download of status.

In spite of that, you would be glad to know, it’s quite easy to have them on your device through means of other sources. To acquaint you with the best ones, I have enlisted three methods that will help save WhatsApp Status Videos in an organized manner. 

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#Method1: Using File Manager

Step 1: Begin with viewing the status on the WhatsApp application that you would like to download. By doing so, a temporary copy of the file will be automatically generated in your phone storage.

Step 1: Next, open a File Manager app. In case you don’t have it, you can download the “Files by Google” from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Now enable the option to Show Hidden Files. For this, you’ll have to open the settings of the file manager app and enable the option

Step 3: Navigate to the WhatsApp folder in the internal storage and open the Media folder.

Step 4: Then locate the folder called Statuses and open it.

Step 5: Now copy the photos or videos from this folder that you want to save and keep them in a temporary location for later access.

#Method2: Using a dedicated App

If you find the above-stated method too complex and would rather like to switch to a simpler method, then using a 3rd party app would be the best option. Apps that are specifically meant for downloading WhatsApp Status come in handy in such situations. I’ll recommend you to use Status Saver as it is equipped with exceptional features that let you download status from WhatsApp with ease. 

How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos on Android iPhone

Highlights of the app: 

  • Multi Save, Delete, Repost / Share, Delete
  • Easy Repost even without Saving
  • Easy & Fast Saving
  • Built-in Image Viewer & Video Player

Here’s how you can use the app for downloading WhatsApp Status:

Step 1: Install Status Saver app from Play Store.

Step 2: Allow the application to access your files, media, and photos on your device. (this step is necessary as only if you grant permission to the said files, the app could read and collect files).

Step 3: Next, tap on the Save icon once you select the video or image that you wish to save on your device.

Step 4: Now every video and image that you save will be stored in the internal storage of your device. 

Method 3: Screenshot and Screen Record ( For both Android & iPhone)

The simplest of all the methods according to me would be to capture a screenshot or record your screen for saving videos. In the case of photos, just capture the screen and you’ll easily have it saved in your devices’ gallery. For videos, start screen recording and later access the saved videos directly from your gallery. 

Unfortunately for iOS, there’s no other way around rather than capturing/recording the screen for downloading WhatsApp Status particularly due to its secure nature. However, screen recording and screenshot is probably the easiest among all methods so you won’t regret not having an app or other means for downloading. 


How can I download WhatsApp video status?

Use any of the aforementioned ways for downloading WhatsApp video status.

Which app can I use to save WhatsApp status on iPhone?

There’s no legal app available on the App Store for downloading WhatsApp status and that you’ll have to rely on your device’s screenshot/screen recording feature for storing it in your iPhone’s gallery. 

How can I save WhatsApp status without an app?

Use method 1 or 3 mentioned above in this article for saving WhatsApp status without an app.


So this was all about how to download WhatsApp Status videos on Android & iPhone. Having means on which you can rely on for downloading videos and images that are displayed on the status section of WhatsApp really does the needful. As long as WhatsApp doesn’t equip a feature for downloading WhatsApp Status directly within the app, you can surely consider using the above-said methods. 

Next time you come across a particular video or image on WhatsApp Status and you feel like downloading it, you know what to do. 

Which method are you going to equip for downloading WhatsApp Status? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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