How to Create Your Own GIFs on Instagram

How to Create Your Own GIFs on Instagram

Instagram indeed has an influential impact on all our lives, there’s no denying it. From incredible filters to different effects, it equips all the stuff that hardly anyone can ignore. Moreover, if you’re adherent to Instagram, then you must be knowing that GIFs are taking over the app like a storm.

They are becoming popular day by day and why not, they are easy to consume. Also, this may come as a surprise to many but making your own GIFs on Instagram is doable and to make your work easier, we’ve included a small guide down below in this article that will help you create your own GIFs on Instagram.

However, before jumping directly into the main context, let us understand what GIFs are and how they increase engagement among users. So, GIFs are basically meant to convey your message concisely. To put it simply, they can be used to express something in an image that would otherwise be difficult with words. All in all, GIFs don’t fail to grab eyes and connect your audience to you. 

So that’s enough for the explanation about GIFs, let us now delve into the GIFs making process. 

Steps to create your own GIFs on Instagram:How to Create Your Own GIFs on Instagram

  • First of all, open an account at Giphy. Simply link it with your Facebook account and add a new password.
  • Then verify your GIPHY account. You’ll receive an email from Giphy that will provide you with all the necessary requirements regarding GIFs.
  • Now, upload your own short videos to Giphy to convert them into GIFs. (They can be files in video, image or from YouTube).
  • Now that you’ve uploaded your own videos, you can add movement, colors, text, and use various other tools on the page.
  • Then add related tags for it to appear on search results.
  • Lastly, search for your custom GIF from Instagram Stories.


Are GIFs Subject to Copyright? 

Yes, GIFs are subject to copyright just like any other original creative work.

Can you make money off GIFs?

Yes, you can make money off GIFs by promoting the download of animated GIFs.


So this was our guide on how to create your own GIFs on Instagram. Expressing yourself through GIFs is probably the best way to react in a particular situation and executing your GIFs on a platform like Instagram always adds up engagement to your posts and stories. Make one for yourself, share them on your stories, and keep your users engaged throughout. 

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