How to Compress a Video on Android

How to Compress a Video on Android

Want to know how to compress a video on Android? You are at the right place. Scroll below and follow the instructions to do so.

How to compress a video on Android

Sharing and shooting videos has become a part and parcel of our lives, especially in this lockdown. The shooting part is easy but when it comes to sharing those large files, it is a bit difficult. I said difficult, not impossible! There are a few with which you can share large files with your loved ones. One of them is compressing. Along with compressing, I’ll so tell you some other ways through which you compress the video files. So, let’s dive in.

1. Upload on Cloud Storage

This is the unusual way that will help you upload a video without compressing it. The process is quite simple. Only opt for this method if you want to share the file.

Step 1: Firstly, choose suitable cloud storage. Many offer a free plan. Google Drive has a 15GB free plan, Box offers 10GB for free, whereas MEGA offers 50GB.

Step 2: Upload the large file on cloud storage of your choice. It’ll take some time, depending on how large the file is.

Step 3: Once it’s done, right-click on the file and make the link shareable, if there’s at all an option. If not, simply copy the link.

Step 4: Now open your e-mail application and paste the link that you copied on the cloud storage. 

Step 5: Type the recipient’s e-mail address and hit on Send.


Clideo is a website that compresses your video files. The process is much easier on a computer but if Android is your main device, you’ll have to upload the file on cloud storage. Follow the aforementioned steps on your Android device. Now go to on your smartphone and select Compress. You’ll need to paste the link here. Press on the Compress and wait for a few minutes. Once the compression is done, save the file on your device.

How to Compress a Video on Android

3. Video Compress App

It is an Android app that lets you compress videos that are shareable on social media. The app can adjust the video’s quality. By that, I mean you can select either high, normal, or low levels of compression. The app supports all superb video formats. The user interface is clean and easy to navigate. If you want to remove the audio, you can. Doing so will further reduce the file size. It’s an amazing app and you should consider if you compress videos quite often.

How to Compress a Video on Android

Download Video Compress App

4. Resize Video App

Resize Video by CodeEdifice is an excellent video compressing Android application that lets you select a video size of your preference. The app lets you crop or trips the video files. You can add or remove the audio. It is easy to save or delete the compressed the video from the app itself. You can share the videos on Facebook, Gmail, and others.

5. Video Dieter 2 App

Video Dieter 2 is another app on the list that lets you compress video files. It supports all the well-known video formats. There’s a nifty little slider with which you can adjust the compression level. You can select the video through the gallery so searching for the video won’t be difficult. The best part about Video Dieter 2 is that it can compress the video in the background so you can do other tasks on your phone.

Download Video Dieter 2 App


How to reduce video file size online?

To reduce the video file size, go to Now, upload a video. You can choose up to 500MB file from Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac devices. Click on Compress. After a few minutes, you’ll need to set some parameters. Save the file. You can also watch the preview of the video.

How do you send a video that is too large?

Cloud Storage is your best option. Google Drive offers up to 15GB storage for free. So, upload the large here. Once it’s uploaded, make the link shareable. Now, right-click on the file and paste it an email. Now send the email to the person with whom you want to share the file. The process is quite easy.


Follow the aforementioned instructions and you no longer would be asking how to compress a video on Android. Choose any of the methods and compress your videos. Tell us in the comments below the option that you choose and did it work out for you.

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