How to Clean iPhone Speaker

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Consuming media has become a huge part of the smartphone culture. Even though an iPhone’s notch or the front bezels take more part of the screen, we can consume content without interruption. Bigger screen? Check. A good video on standby? Check. A clean speaker? No? Let me tell you how to clean iPhone speaker. Follow the steps given below so that you don’t get a muffled voice.

How to Clean iPhone Speaker

How to Clean iPhone Speaker

Step 1: Choose a clean toothbrush or an electronic device brush.

Step 2: Brush the top speaker, known as earpiece speaker, to remove dirt and debris.

Step 3: Blow into the speaker in the form of canned air. Blowing air directly into the speakers is NOT ADVISABLE.

Step 4: To ensure that your speaker isn’t muffled, call your number to test its performance.

Step 5: By now, your speaker should be working fine. If not, contact Apple to solve the issue.

Step 6: You can even use a toothpick in your lower speaker grill with utter carefulness. Use the force sideways and not down toward the phone.

How to clean iPhone speaker with different tools

DISCLAIMER: The following products are just a recommendation. If you try them and damage your device, 3nions IS NOT RESPONSIBLE!


A toothbrush’s bristles wards of dust easily. Don’t put too much pressure while using it. Don’t use alcohol or water, that could damage your device (for non-water resistant phones).


If your iPhone’s speaker has debris in it, you can use a toothpick without putting too much pressure.

Painter’s Tape

A painter’s tape can fully clean some tiny unyielding particles that are accumulated in the speakers.


This is how to clean iPhone speaker. You should brush your phone’s speaker once every week so that the accumulated dust is cleaned, no matter which phone you use.

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