How to Change Font on Instagram Bio, Post Captions and Stories

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Bored of Instagram’s native font styles and are looking to try some new fonts on your bio and posts? Well, if yes then here you are, at the right place. 

In this article, I’ll show you how to change fonts on Instagram bio, post captions and stories. But before we move on to learn those ways around, let us first understand the importance of using different font styles on Instagram and how it can benefit you.

First and foremost, if you want to make your content stand out from that of others, being creative with fonts would definitely help embark your presence on the platform.

Further, keeping up with the trend always helps and having an interesting bio with some craziest font styles can help attract new audiences to your page.

Now off to the principal element of the article: Here’s how you can change font on Instagram:

1. Using Online Instagram Font Generators

Fonts for Instagram by LingoJam

Fonts for Instagram by LingoJam

Fonts for Instagram by LingoJam is particularly the best one you can use. Its user-interface is so simple and teh text appears just to the right of the original text. There’s also a suggestion box at the bottom and a facility for comments as well. You’ll come across a few ads while using this tool but apart from that, everything about this online font generator is great.

Meta Tags Font Generator

Meta Tags Font Generator

Indeed the best one you can actually use to get a captivating font. Meta Tags Font Generator is unique from others in its ability to provide users with a preview of how the new font will look once it is live on their Instagram handle. Here, you start by typing the text you want to use and then the font generator will display a range of fonts with your typed text. Once you’re sure about a particular font, you can directly copy it and paste it into your social media handle. 

Fonts for Instagram

Fonts for Instagram

Fonts for Instagram is yet another font generator that comes equipped with a clean interface and is easy to use. You just write your text up there in the column there and once done, you’ll see a variety of crazy text styles down the page. Scroll the page until you find the one you like and once you find one, copy and paste it to your bio, caption or comment on Instagram.

2. Using Instagram Font Generator Apps 

There are also apps that you can incorporate in your device to get amazing text styles. These font generator apps offer tons of text styles which you can directly add to your Instagram bio, captions, messages and so on.

Here are the top three font generator apps that lets you add custom fonts to your Instagram profile.

♔Fonts: Fonts for Instagram, Whatsapp and Samsung

Fonts for Instagram Whatsapp and Samsung

This app offers impressive font styles that you can use to make your Instagram profile look more attractive. You begin with choosing a particular text style from the displayed options, then you type in your text, lastly when you’re done typing, you can copy the text and directly paste it to various social media platforms. 

Download ♔Fonts: Fonts for Instagram, Whatsapp and Samsung

Stylish fonts – fancy text generator app

Stylish fonts fancy text generator app

From a heap of over 140+ Cool Texts, this app is absolutely the best one to have. Within this app, you can use different types of font styles and use them in email messages and various social networking apps.


– 140+ beautiful text, number and art styles

– Fonts for Instagram floating styles popup in any app.

– Text selection menu option in any app.

– Quickly copy, share or send to any app.

– Composer to mix different styles.

Download Stylish fonts – fancy text generator app

FontBoard – Font & Emoji Keyboard

FontBoard Font Emoji Keyboard

As the name says, FontBoard is a font generator cum Font & Emoji Keyboard. It equips a huge collection of fonts, all you need to do is select a particular font of your liking and type the text in the displayed column. Once done, you can directly copy the text and paste to different social media platforms. 

Download FontBoard – Font & Emoji Keyboard

3. How to change font in Instagram bio

LingoJam is an amazing site that does more than half of the work for you. You just have to type in the text and copy the same in a new font. That’s it! It’s that simple. 

Here’s how to use LingoJam to change your Instagram bio font: 

Step 1: Go to the LingoJam’s fonts for the Instagram section.

Step 2: Write the text you want to use in the left textbox.

Step 3: Next, choose a particular font from the available options and copy the one you like.

Step 4: Now go to your Instagram account.

Step 5: On your profile page, tap on the person icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 6: Then click “Edit Profile.”

Step 7: Select your current bio and paste in the bio with new font.

Step 8: Lastly, click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen and this will update your bio with the new font.

4. How to change font in Instagram captions

You can either use an online font generator tool or install an app, both work the same. The only difference being, having an app on your device is feasible as it makes the font changing work quite easy. You open the pre-installed app, type in the text, copy and paste it. This is great for those who post frequently and make use of different fonts in their captions. As for which apps to choose, you can rely on any one of them (above-mentioned apps), they come incorporated with some of the most cool font styles. 

5. How to change font in Instagram story

If you’re looking forward to adding some new fonts to your Instagram stories, then picking up  a suitable font generator would help. That way, you can add your text, copy-paste it on your Story, and your new font would be ready within moments. You can use any of the above listed font generator tools to do so. 


What is the Instagram caption font?

The default Instagram caption font is Neue Helvetica, however, you can change it with the help of font generator tools/apps.

How do you get more fonts on Instagram?

By using a font generator for Instagram, you can easily change fonts on your Instagram story, post, captions.


Instagram is a great platform to showcase your creativity as only when you experiment with your content, you would come with interesting outputs. Using cool fonts can be one of the things you can try. By exploring a range of different font styles through font generator tools, you could come across some great font options to make your content even more fascinating. 


So why wait more, boost your creativity level on Instagram by using these amazing font generators. Good luck!

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