How To Add Original Audio To Instagram Reels

Ever since the introduction of reels to Instagram in late 2019, it has received only positive comments from influencers and brands all around. It was launched as a rival to TikTok, allowing users to upload creative short videos alongside fascinating transitions. In order to create a reel, you can either use other users’ audio/music or record one of your own. If you decide on the latter one, you end up recording original audio which will be specifically attributed to you.

What does original audio mean in Reels? 

Usually, people upload music tracks directly from their media files to reels but if you wish to add your own audio, you’ll have to record the original audio directly in your video. The audio that you record in the video will ultimately become your original audio track. It will appear as “original audio” in your recorded video.

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Here’s how to add original audio to Instagram reels:

Step 1: Open your Instagram Camera and select Reel.

How To Add Original Audio To Instagram Reels

Step 2: Shoot a video with your own audio playing in the background until you reach the time limitation(15 seconds or 30 seconds). Here, you’ll see the clip bars at the top of the screen.

That’s it! You’ve created a reel with your own audio in it.

Here’s How to Add Any Music or Sound to Instagram Reels Videos:

Step 1: Shoot a video with an inbuilt video recorder or use a 3rd party recorder.

Step 2: Once you have recorded the video, you can easily add any music of your choice using video editing apps.

Some of the best video editing apps that you can download:

Similarly, when you’re watching a video, you can select the track that says “Original Audio” at the top to use original audio from other users’ Reels.


Where are Instagram reels available?

They are available for over 50 other countries on both iOS and Android platforms.

Can you add your own music to reels?

Yes, you can add your own music to reels.


So this was how to add original audio to Instagram reels. Once you’re done with the recording part, you can either post your Instagram Reel to your profile feed or to your Stories. They will be shown under the new Reels tab on your profile. You can even add text or stickers to your video to make it look more engaging.

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