‘Ghost in the Shell’ actor Michael Pitt had a public outburst

'Ghost in the Shell' actor Michael Pitt had a public outburst

Michael Carmen Pitt, who plays Jimmy Darmody on the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, had an outburst in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

TMZ uploaded a video on their YouTube channel in which he was strapped to a gurney and surrounded by EMS technicians wheeling him down a sidewalk, probably awaiting an ambulance.

He was first taken into police custody last Friday and sent to the hospital after someone called 911 to report that a male – Pitt – was hurling things at people, conceivably from the building rooftop.

'Ghost in the Shell' actor Michael Pitt had a public outburst

Cops swiftly responded to the scene, and Pitt was arrested, but he wasn’t charged with a crime as he was deemed an emotionally disturbed person. He was then taken to a local hospital for treatment.

According to the laws in New York, a person placed on an involuntary psych hold can only be retained for 72 hours – unless the infirmary requisitions a judge to keep the patient, and then only for a maximum of 60 days total. Pitt’s current condition is not known.

A few months ago, Michael was embroiled in another controversy with the law at the exact location and was arrested for assault and petty theft. The actor snatched a man’s phone out of his hand and continually punched him in the head before taking the phone. The victim had only minor wounds.

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