How to Get Paid Apps for Free from Google Play Store legally

Get Paid Apps for Free from Google Play Store

Remember the solar system? The basic fact that how planets revolve around the Sun is known to pretty much every educated person. Replace the Sun with mobile applications and planets with us humans! There you go! Our lives revolve around our mobile applications more than you think. Not drinking enough water? There are apps to track your water intake; Want to get slim but don’t have time for the gym? Play Store houses multiple apps that cater to the fitness freak within you.

There’s nothing wrong with working in tandem with some apps as long as it doesn’t get addictive. But, we cannot download all the apps we would love to try out. Some are paid. Priced exponentially high. If you really need an application and if’s it worth your time and money, then for sure you should pay the price. For instance, I myself purchased the Premium version of the Oxford Dictionary on Android which cost me ₹999 ($14.02) as using the audio pronunciations, which is a premium feature, was imperative for me.

So, on the first day of 2020, I will give you a few ways through which you can purchase paid apps from the Google Play Store for free in a legal way. There are many so scroll below to know more so that you don’t have to gulp the price down your throat to just skip to the next app.

How to Get Paid Apps for Free from Google Play Store legally

Scroll below to know the legal ways to download Paid Apps for Free from the Google Play Store.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

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Google’s own option was bound to feature as the first option on this list. Google Rewards is a simple yet efficient choice to get cash or Play Store credits to the app in your wishlist. The process is easy. You’ll be given questions in the form of a survey. Keep in mind that they’ll depend on your experience with using different Google products like Maps, Search, YouTube, etc. If you don’t know anything about the topic in the survey, you simply click no. You’ll still earn a few credits, depending on how much Google approves.

So, how does it work? Google uses a feedback mechanism that displays you more relevant content. For instance, if you use a service regularly, you’ll receive a notification about the same when a survey is available. Ensure that you complete it immediately as these surveys come with an expiry date.

To use Google Play Credits, launch the Play Store. Select a paid application you want to buy. Instead of the ‘Install’ button, you’ll see the price tag. Click on it and you’ll see a few of your default option. Select Google Play balance, where your total credits will also be displayed. Now click on ‘1-TAP BUY.’ You have now purchased the app. Wait for the installation.

How to Get Paid Apps for Free from Google Play Store, legally

Download Google Opinion Rewards

2. Discounted apps and sales

How to Get Paid Apps for Free from Google Play Store, legally

This option is strictly for people with a lot of patience! AppSales keeps track of all the apps/games that are on a discounted price. There are 4 options to be explored. ‘Highlight’ keeps a tab on apps that are currently on sale and are listed day-wise. The second tab, dubbed as ‘Now Free’ will show all the latest paid apps that have gone free. The third tab known as ‘Sales’ features only paid apps that are currently free. The last one, known as ‘Watchlist’ lets you create a list of your preferred apps that you want to track.

The app is user-friendly and lets you customize filters like a number of downloads, rating, discount price, apps with ads, etc.

How to Get Paid Apps for Free from Google Play Store, legally

Download AppSales

3. Apps Gone Free

How to Get Paid Apps for Free from Google Play Store, legally

AppsFree is the third method through which you can get paid apps for free from the Google Play Store. You might have noticed that apps that were once paid and are now free, aren’t worth your time. Such apps keep popping up time and again. AppsFree solves that issue with an intelligently placed filter inside the app. Known as the ‘Dismissed list,’ only apps that you’ve right-swiped will appear here that you will never see again. Unfortunately, you can’t keep a track of apps that are on sale but it’s handy.

Download AppsFree


How do you buy apps from Google Play?

Google Play lets you buy apps from their Play Store through various methods – Credit cards, debit cards, Google Play, net banking, UPI ID, and redeeming a gift card code.

How can I install paid apps for free on Android?

Google Rewards and apps on sale are your best and legal ways to download apps for free on Android.

Do I have to pay for Google Play?

No, you don’t have to pay for Google Play. Its services are free but you need to purchase the premium collection of Google Play such as apps, games, audiobooks, books, and movies.

Are Google Play apps free?

It depends on the apps. Many are free but the Play Store has a different section named ‘Premium’ for buying apps/games that are paid.


We all love freebies, don’t we? But we can’t always get free stuff that is good. Keep in mind that the above-outlined are best and legit ways so you don’t have to worry about your phone getting hacked (unless the app itself contains bugs). If you want to keep your phone safe, don’t opt for torrents or any shady sites that provide you with modded APKs. Moreover, they come with a virus, trojan, malware, and malicious code that can steal your data. The side effects include malicious ads that can install crypto-mining scripts along with undesired pop-ups on your phone.

Of course, you’ll have to wait until you collect the money to buy an expensive application. Google’s surveys aren’t regular but they offer legit money that you can use to buy anything in the Play Store. Are you content with the methods we mentioned in this article? Did we miss any other process? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends.

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