How to Fix E4 Error on Air Conditioner

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Air conditioners are a modern-day miracle that is still considered a luxury in our populated nation. But if you have one, you know that is our savior during the hot summer days. I can list its benefits and flaws, but there’s one predicament that every AC owner has faced. Solving it takes patience, so if you want to fix ‘E4 Error’ on Air Conditioner, scroll below.

How to Fix E4 Error on Air Conditioner

What is the E4 Error?

The code ‘E4’ technically means a high discharge or pressure or temperature. It is not an error code, but it’s the AC’s way of conveying that it’s defrosted.

This phenomenon occurs when the air conditioner enters the defrost mode when it detects ice on the evaporator. Once it is defrosted, the air conditioner will work as it is supposed to.

You don’t need to schedule a service call; you can handle the issue. I have listed the solution below.

How to Fix E4 Error on Air Conditioner

Now that you know the ‘E4 Error,’ let’s solve it by a simple trick.

As you may know, several brands offer great air conditioners, but regardless, E4 on most of them means that the unit is iced up. What you can do is switch on the fan for some time, say 15-20 minutes. After that, reset the AC by simply switching it off completely. Please turn it on after a while, and the E4 Error may be fixed.

If the error persists, contact your service provider, and they will fix E4 error on air conditioner. Mostly, it will be solved by taking the steps mentioned above.


Fix ‘E4 Error’ on Air Conditioner has a simple solution, but it looks like a Herculean task since it’s often not discussed. Try the solution mentioned above anytime you come across the issue.

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