Fix Can’t Share Post to Story On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks which keeps millions of users connected with its intuitive features. 

Among the plentiful features that the platform hosts, one such demanding one is the ability to allow users to share posts from feed to stories. 

With that particular feature, you can share your own and someone else’s posts to your stories. 

Even though it sounds exciting, it might not always work for everyone. 

But thanks to the fixes that work – here we’ll talk about some of the most useful ways of fixing ‘’Can’t share posts to story Instagram’’ issue.

Here’s How To Fix Can’t Share Post to Story On Instagram

Let’s take a look!

1. Check the account type

You can add a particular post to the story if it is coming from a public account.

If it is a post from a private account that you want to share, you wouldn’t be able to share it to your story at all. 

You can check whether an Instagram account is private or public by opening the Instagram website in the incognito mode.

And then searching for the person’s account.

The accounts’ posts will be visible if it is a public account and will be hidden if it’s a private one. 

2. Permission to Share

Now if it’s the public accounts’ post that you are not able to share on your story, then the problem would be with the permission settings.

In that case, the person would have disabled to reshare their Instagram posts to stories functionality. 

Here’s How to Disable Sharing of Your Posts to Stories:

If you too don’t want others to share your posts to their stories, you can do so by following few simple steps:

Fix Can't Share Post to Story On Instagram

Step 1: Open Instagram app and go to your profile screen. 

Step 2: Tap on the three-bar icon at the top and select Settings.

Step 3: Tap on Privacy followed by Story.

Step 4: Then disable the option for Allow resharing to stories.

That’s it! 

3. The feature may be missing

There are chances that the feature may be missing for your profile particularly.

As you might be aware of the Instagram algorithm, it usually flashes features in phases and it’s possible that you may not have received the feature yet. 

You can fix this and get back the ‘Add post to story’ button by following some tricks.



The above mentioned methods will easily fix the ‘Can’t share post to story Instagram’ issue. Try any of these methods and you’ll probably find the solution.

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