What is Engagement Rate on Instagram & Best Instagram Engagement Calculators

Instagram is one such social media platform where the daily count of active users goes beyond millions. This is why influencers and brands find it the most suitable platform for publishing thousands of posts to get noticed and ultimately gain potential customers. 

It has now indeed become a popular source of income for several content creators and brands across the world. And that is why knowing how to use it authentically is essential. 

So let us first understand your Instagram engagement rate so that you can plan your business algorithms strategically. But before diving right in there, you’ll probably want to know what engagement rate on Instagram exactly means and why is it so important?

Down below, we have gathered every prominent aspect of the Instagram Engagement Rate that you should know about.

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What is engagement rate on Instagram?

Instagram engagement rate is a quantitative measure where the interaction of users with the content on your profile is taken into consideration.

This includes your number of followers, likes, comments, shares, mentions, and click-throughs. It is typically calculated by ‘’dividing an account’s likes and comments by follower count.’’

Engagement rates on the Instagram matter as are they measure an audience’s interest (appealing content), brand relevance (relevant source of information), and social authority (adding new followers).

It is important to note that you need comments, shares, likes, and follower growth to let Instagram know that people love to resonate with the content you’re posting.

If a user is paying attention to your content and is further commenting on your post, it is likely that he will turn into one of your potential customers in the future. 

Instagram engagement rate is capable of showing your relationship with your followers

What is a good engagement rate on Instagram?

A good engagement rate on Instagram usually varies for each industry and is also something that depends on your profile’s strategic goals.

Instagram Engagement Rate

Although, if measured as per industry standard, an engagement rate between 1% and 3% on Instagram is usually considered to be good.

If the engagement rate goes below 1%, it is an indication that your audience is not very much engaging with your content.

And if it goes higher than 3%, it’s a sign that indicates your audience is resonating with your content at a comparatively higher level. 

Here is an industry standard guideline you can use to check whether your engagement rate is good or not (Source: findyourinfluencer.co.uk):

Less than 1% = low engagement rate 

Between 1% and 3.5% = average/good engagement rate 

Between 3.5% and 6% = high engagement rate 

Above 6% = very high engagement rate 

Remember, the engagement rate on Instagram is influenced by several factors including the time of individual post, the frequency of posting, followers count, the content, and the Instagram algorithm. 

How to calculate engagement rate on Instagram?

Here’s how to calculate engagement rate on Instagram properly:

To accurately calculate your account’s engagement rate, you’ll have to calculate the average number of likes on your account’s posts four through ten. This is because these posts will indeed give you the best indication of your recent engagement.

In order to calculate, add the number of likes in posts four through ten and divide that number by seven. If you post frequently on your account, add the number of likes in posts four through fifteen and divide that number by twelve.

And when you’re done calculating the average number of likes in posts, divide that number by the total number of followers of the account. That’s it, you’ll get the engagement rate.

How to increase engagement on Instagram?

There are various factors that you can consider equipping within your account to raise your engagement rate. Some of the main ones are:

Know your audience

You need to know who your audience is, what type of content they like to resonate with – considering these factors will later help you connect with your audience. 

For this, you can use Instagram insights – it will help you get a demographic understanding so that you can know your audience.

To get your Insights (for Instagram business account), navigate to the audience tab from the Insights menu. 

There, you can your users’ age ranges, gender, and their top locations – this will ultimately help you get a better understanding of your users.

Be consistent with branding

When it comes to maintaining consistency with your content, there are a number of actions you can take into consideration. For instance, make your username similar to what you have on other social media platforms. Also, make sure that your content is consistent  -it plays a vital role in determining your engagement rate. 

Create better captions

Quality content is what matters – write better captions, use quality hashtags on your posts and see the mesmerizing response you get from your audience.

Filtering through content by means of captions and hashtags still remains the platform’s primary algorithm in figuring out reliable brands.

For each caption, you can use up to 30 hashtags, do keyword research and make the stuff hashtag accordingly. 

Interact with similar accounts

Well, what is the point of being on Instagram if you’re not interacting with other users on the platform?

Engaging with accounts with similar content as yours can prove extremely helpful in knowing what exactly your audience requires.

For instance, a brand should partner with influencers in the same field and share its products with them.

They in turn will tag you and their followers may visit your account and further end up following your brand.

This will prove beneficial to your brand in many undefining ways.

Use calls-to-action (CTAs)

Equipping CTAs to make your brand more visible on Instagram can also help increase your engagement rate.

A CTA is basically an image, line of text, hashtag, or swipe-up link meant to entice your audience to take the said action.

You can ask your users to take a specific action depending on the brand or service you’re providing.

For this, you can notify them by using a swipe-up link in your Instagram story for a particular sale or ask them to tag a friend in the comment section.

What are the best Instagram engagement calculators?

There are many Instagram engagement calculators available that you can rely on to calculate your brand’s growth. But some do the work really up to the mark and hassle-free as well.

Here are the top 5 Instagram engagement calculators that you can use to calculate engagement rate:


What is a good engagement rate on Instagram with 1k followers?

A 10% engagement rate is considered very good for an account with 1000 followers.

Is 16% a good engagement rate?

An engagement rate above 6% is said to be a very high engagement rate.

What is considered good engagement?

A good engagement rate is considered to be between 1% and 5% and that also depends on the industry type, style of content, and size of the audience. 


In the end, what really matters is how well you’re planning your statistics to take your brand reach its destination. Know your audience, be consistent, engage with your followers and you’ll surely notice a growth in your brand’s performance. 

We hope that this article has provided you with all the necessary insights that you’ll need to make a robust impression on Instagram. 


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