How to Download Your Instagram Story or Someone Else’s

Instagram launched the insanely popular ‘Stories’ in the August of 2016.

Many thought this was another feature that the world could do without as it was based on Snapchat’s Stories model. However, it soon became a part of the Facebook trio, as WhatApp too introduced it.

Now that it’s a common feature, it’s also hard to keep memories of as it vanishes in 24 hours.

So, what do you do? Screenshot them! As simple as that.

But that just keeps piling your screenshots album. As we live in an ‘app’ era, the easiest way to do this is to download an app that lets you save Instagram Stories.

I have listed a few methods that will help you download your own Instagram Story or someone else’s. Based on what you have to do, I have it laid it out for you.

What are you waiting for? Scroll below.

How to download your Instagram Story

This article will help you to save your own Instagram Stories, as well as stories from other accounts on both Android and iOS devices.

Method 1: Save from Instagram

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app on your phone.

Step 2: Click on your Story located in the top-left corner. From here you can view posts you’ve added to your story.

Step 3: Select the story you want to save.

Step 4: Click on the three dots at the bottom right and tap ‘Save’ on iPhone or ‘Save Photo/Video’ on Android.

Step 5: If you have an iPhone, select ‘Save Photo/Video’ to save that specific story. To save all your current stories as one vertical video, tap ‘Save Story.’ As for Android users, you will have to save each story individually.

Method 2: Save to Camera Roll

This is an alternative method that lets you save your Instagram Story automatically to an archive in the app or your phone’s memory.

Step 1: Launch Instagram and go to your profile

Step 2: Click on the three-line menu icon in the top-right corner.

Step 3: Click on Settings and select Privacy.

Step 4: Tap on Story. Beneath the ‘Saving’ head, you can switch on ‘Save Story to Camera Roll’ for iPhone and ‘Save Story to Gallery’ for Android to save stories to your device’s photo app.

Step 5: You can also solely switch on ‘Save Story to Archive’ that will save photos and videos to your archive but not to your phone.

How to download someone else’s Instagram Story

If you want to download someone else’s Instagram Story – which most of us often screenshot – there are many simple ways to do so.

Below, I have listed two methods that will help you save someone else’s Instagram Story. You can choose the one which you find easier.

Method 1: Saverr – Android only

Step 1: Android users can go to the Play Store and download Saverr – Reels Video Downloader for Instagram. Make sure you are logged into your Instagram account.

Step 2: Launch Instagram.

Step 3: Go to the profile whose Story you want to download.

Step 4: Click on the three dots and select ‘Copy.’ You can also download Instagram photos, videos, and Reels via this method.

Step 5: Launch the Saverr app.

Step 6: Now, paste the copied URL into the app.

Step 7: Hit the ‘Download’ button to save the Story to your device.

If copy URL option is not available, follow the given steps:

STEP 1: Launch saver app.

STEP 2: Tap on hamburger menu > click on profile icon.


STEP 3: Now, choose login with Instagram. On the next screen enter your id and password.


STEP 4: Now click on Profile(located at the right bottom).


STEP 5: Select a story that you want to view & download.


STEP 6: Click on Download button to save that story on your device.

Method 2: Story Downloader

Another way to download Instagram Stories is to use a downloader website. A quick Google trawl will reveal innumerable websites on the internet. So, I did the heavy-lifting and found you one!

StoryDownloader is a useful website to download not just Instagram Stories, but also posts, videos, and Reels.

Step 1: Launch Instagram and go to the profile whose Story you want to copy.

Step 2: Note down the username.

Step 3: Go to

Step 4: Write the username in the ‘Enter Instagram Username.’ By entering the username of the person whose stories you want to download, the website will draw up all the active Stories from that user.

Step 5: Once you do, click on ‘Get Stories.’


These are a few methods to download or save your Story or someone else’s.

As there is a time limit on how long a story is visible to everyone, you have various options to save your own Instagram Story to the app or phone.

Be it for digitally stalking someone (which is wrong!), or downloading it for your job, these various methods will help you do just that.

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