Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story, Post or DM?

As Instagram is a hub to a diverse range of content, you may want to save/forward a particular post, story, or a DM but wait, does that mean the person whose content you are trying to save will get notified about the same. 

Down below in this article you’ll get to know everything about Instagram screenshot notifications.

You may want to capture an Instagram screenshot for several reasons.

Maybe you liked a particular meme which you want to share at some other platform or a dish that you will probably think of making. 

Among Instagram posts, story and DM – Stories most commonly gets captured in a screenshot and that too for an obvious reason; they get evaporated after 24 hours.

So before you take any such step, be mindful of the content you’re about to screenshot.

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Does Instagram Notify People When You Screenshot a Post?

As posts include photos and videos that appear on Instagram’s home feed or in the Explore tab, Instagram won’t let the person know that you have screengrab his/her post.

And that you can actually bookmark that particular post in case you don’t wish to download it locally on your device. These will be available in a separate section within the app and would not occupy space in your phone’s gallery.

Does Instagram Notify People When You Screenshot a Story?

Back in 2018, Instagram did an experimentation into its working system by notifying users when someone screen grabs their story. However, the feature was soon taken down by the app. But as Instagram keeps on changing its functionality every now and then, make sure you check its changing algorithm before capturing a particular story. 

Does Instagram Notify People When You Screenshot a DM?

Well, in this case Instagram does not notify recipients whenever you take a screenshot in private conversations, as in only for disappearing messages.

When you take a screenshot of a particular DM (private conversation), the delivery status will read “Screenshot” instead of Delivered or Opened. 

Alternatively, the person won’t be notified when you take a a screenshot of the entire chat or regular texts and images. 


Even though Instagram is full of useful content, there’s still not a direct means available for users where they can save photos and videos from Instagram.

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