Buying an iPhone 14 for its crash detection? See how it works!

The makers stress that the video "was filmed in a safe and controlled environment."

Buying an iPhone 14 for its crash detection? See how it works!

Apple introduced two safety features on its latest iPhone 14 series: Emergency SOS satellite connectivity and Crash detection.

The former will be available starting November 2022, but the latter is readily available on the devices. It was only time before anyone tested these features, no matter how dangerous they were to try out.

Youtuber TechRax has filmed a full-size but – remote-controlled car – repeatedly being crashed to see if iPhone 14’s crash detection works.

“Time to test out the iPhone 14 Pro’s new crash detection feature. Does it work?” He says in the video.

Well, it works! Viewers can see a suspicious delay before the iPhone responds during the first successful crash, but then it’s constantly a race to turn off the call to emergency services just in time.

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