10 Best Zumba Apps for Android & iOS to do Zumba at Home

Best Zumba Apps for Android iOS to do Zumba at Home feat.

Not only does a dance session tones up your body but also rejuvenates your mind with some soothing music. Zumba being a form of exercise is always fun to perform and why not, who doesn’t want to groove on their favorite music and dance steps during a workout session.

Considered to be the most enjoyable form of workout, zumba stretches your muscles and increases your body’s strength, mobility and coordination. 

Individuals of any age can enroll themselves in a zumba workout session unlike other ones which asks for various requirements to fill in. While in a zumba session, you get so involved with the beats of music playing, that you won’t feel like being in the middle of a workout session. 

Best Zumba Apps

The best part, you don’t have to rely on a specific studio for attaining zumba classes as you can at the comfort of your home perform zumba (that too, with precise directions). 

Here’s how – with the help of zumba apps, you can perform zumba right at your home anytime, anywhere. 

These are the 10 best zumba apps for Android & iOS through which you can do Zumba at home:

1. Zumba Fitness

Best Zumba Apps for Android iOS to do Zumba at Home

Zumba Fitness is a great space to be in for performing an enthusiastic workout. The app has amassed more than 14 million people to lose weight and exercise in Zumba sessions taking place every week in over 140,000 locations.

Within this app, you can search for a Zumba class nearby and participate conveniently. You can invite your friends to the Zumba dance floor and even share the sessions of the classes with them effortlessly.

Each and every dance workout session is equipped with detailed dance instructions and movements. You’ll also get real-time notifications about upcoming workout sessions and various other health related updates from the app. 

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Developed by Zumba Fitness LLC, SYNC GO is a powerful Zumba dance app that includes Zumba sessions from renowned instructor networks. Here, you can tailor a playlist of your own and get access to the same during your workout session effortlessly.

The app includes specific zumba sessions to meet every person’s fitness goals, however, to avail the features, you’ll have to switch to a premium subscription. Additionally, the app also lets you access the saved content without a WiFi or mobile data connection. 

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3. ZIN Play

ZIN Play

ZIN Play is yet another app from the makers of Zumba Fitness. Here, you’ll get access to a range of zumba sessions which includes videos for both beginners & professional individuals.

You can curate a music library of your own and access it directly from your phone without any hassle. The best part, it lets you play your saved songs without a Wi-Fi or mobile data collection, which means, you can perform a dance workout anywhere without a break. 

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4. Aaptiv: Fitness for Everyone

Aaptiv Fitness for Everyone

Aaptiv, a Fitness app for everyone is an exceptional workout space which includes running, elliptical, race training, strength training, stretching, yoga sessions – all at one place.

You just have to choose a particular workout category and you’ll be good to go with your session. More than 30 new classes are added to the app on a weekly basis, allowing fitness enthusiasts to keep up with their workout sessions every moment. Moreover, the app lets you download the audio classes offline. 

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5. Body Groove

Body Groove

Groove your way out to reach your fitness goals and needs. Body Groove is indeed an app that you can rely on to conduct your dance session with pleasant music.

The app includes sessions that will let you get stronger, leaner, and flexible in every sense. No matter if you’re a beginner or a trained dancer, you’ll get a session to groove on. As for the streaming access, you’ll get access to more than 100 dance routines including live sessions, and life-changing workshops.

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6. Home Workouts for Every Body by Daily Burn

Home Workouts for Every Body by Daily Burn

An app that includes fitness plans for every individual so that every fitness enthusiast can get into a shape they have long desired.

There are around 2500+ home workouts to choose from with 5-minute workouts sessions for working women and men. Apart from zumba sessions, you also get access to Yoga, Kickboxing, Meditation, and several other fitness lessons within this app. You can even share your workout updates to the friends that you can make within the app’s community. 

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7. Zumba Dance Exercise Offline

Zumba Dance Exercise Offline

How exciting it is to perform a workout session that includes grooving on some of the best music out there with fun dance steps. A diet plan followed by a fun workout session always helps you get that toned body you have always longed for.

Zumba Dance Exercise Offline is an app that you can use even without an active internet connection, all you need is a playlist and a dance session with you and you’d be good to go with your workout. 

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8. Aerobics dance workout for weight loss

Aerobics dance workout for weight loss

‘Aerobics dance workout for weight loss’ is an amazing app that not only includes dance sessions but a curated diet plan just for you so that you can get on the fitness track. This app includes some intense workout sessions that surely will help you burn some calories when followed properly.

There are various aerobics exercises in spanish, latin and reggaeton music that get even more pleasant during workout sessions. You can start away with a diet plan straight away with the aerobic exercises enlisted within this app.

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9. Dance Fit Happy

Dance Fit Happy

‘Dance Fit Happy’ is a leading fitness app that comes equipped with hundreds of dance sessions. Each day, you’ll get introduced to a new workout session that will lead you to one step closer to your fitness goal. There’s a timer within the app that you can use to set your workout session.

Whether looking for short workout videos for warming or an intense dance workout session, you’ll get all of it here. As for the music category, there are tons to choose from including Kpop, Hip Hop, Pop, and RnB. 

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10. Dance Fitness with Jessica

Dance Fitness with Jessica

Dance Fitness with Jessica is an app by Jessica in Knoxville who enrolls fitness enthusiasts into a fun dance session. If you’re looking forward to getting a well-toned body, then this app is what you need to install on your device.

You can create a tailored playlist of your own and perform dance sessions on your favorite music on the go. Getting fit with this app seems so fun, all you need to do is opt for a workout session and the app will take care of your fitness requirements.  

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Which app is best for Zumba?

All of the above listed apps are some of the best ones you can opt for your zumba session. They are incorporated with premium features and help you achieve a toned body with their precise workout sessions.

How can I practice Zumba at home?

Download any of the above mentioned apps and you’ll be able to perform Zumba at home effortlessly.


So this was all for the 10 best Zumba apps for Android & iOS to do Zumba at home. Adorn your workout clothes and get ready to groove on some enthralling music while sticking to an exercise routine. Tone up your body the way you want it to be with the sessions included in these Zumba apps. And while you do that, don’t forget to follow us on our social media handles for more such information and updates.

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