10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Photography for Beginners

YouTube is indeed the best source for learning anything. So, if you have just bought a new DSLR or a mirrorless camera and don’t know how it works then you should probably head over to YouTube. Because YouTube is no longer just a platform where people share random stuff. It’s now one of the most effective social media that is filled with so many great resources.

Best YouTube Channels to Learn Photography for Beginners

There are tons of amazing channels on youtube that teach photography. However, finding the best source to learn photography for beginners can be a little stressful. So, in this article, I am listing down my top 10 picks.

Channels included in this article cover variety of topics that include tutorials, camera reviews, buying guides, and more.

1. Jared Polin

Jared Polin has over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube. He’s the best guru you can have if you are a beginner. On his channel, you will see a variety of content ranging from gear reviews, tutorials, photo news, and more.

After watching a few of his videos you will come to know how knowledgeable he is when it comes to photography. If you want to capture better photos and looking for some tips then you won’t regret subscribing to his channel on YouTube.

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2. Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, Tony & Chelsea Northrup’s YouTube channel is full of great content. If you are looking for photography tips, tutorials, photoshop tips, camera and lens reviews then you might want to subscribe to them on YouTube.

Their tutorials, tips, and tricks are always on point and very easy to understand. I personally love their tutorials on landscape photography.

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3. Jessica Kobeissi

She’s an Arab-American photographer from Detroit. The best thing about her channel is that you get to see the real-life challenges a photographer faces during a photoshoot. If you are into portrait photography then how-to guides are on her channel will help you learn a lot. If you’re an absolute beginner or simply want to capture the best still photos then look no more.

I really like the series where she brings different photographers and they all together shoot the same model.

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4. The Art of Photography

Ted Forbes teaches the best in-depth photography lessons on his channel. He covers famous photographers, photography techniques, composition, the history of photography, and a lot more.

His passion for photography can be seen through his videos. The way he explains technical stuff is simply astounding. Subscribe to his channel to learn about color theory in photography and more.

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5. Irene Rudnyk

She’s a fashion and lifestyle photographer located in Calgary, Canada. If you are into portrait photography or simply want to learn how to take better self-portraits then there is a lot you can learn by watching her videos.

On her channel, she shares behind the scenes, photography tips and tricks, along with editing tutorials.

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6. Kai W

One of the best channels on YouTube for unbiased camera reviews. Whether you are looking to buy a new camera or want to upgrade your existing gears, Kai’s channel will help you in that matter.

From Digital Rev to starting his own channel, Kai W’s channel remains one the best go-to channel for various types of content on photography & videography.

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7. Manny Ortiz

From camera reviews to photography tips and tricks, you will find tons of different content on Manny’s channel. My personal favourite playlist is Take BETTER photos on location!

Subscribe to him if you want to learn how to take better indoor photos, improve photography skills, and a lot more.

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8. Jessica Whitaker

She teaches everything a beginner needs to know about photography through her channel. You can find amazing content on buying the best gear for beginners, how to shoot in manual mode, how to make money as a photographer, and more.

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9. B&H Photo Video

We all know B&H Photo Video as an online shop where we can buy camera gears & accessories at the best price. But their YouTube channel is dedicated to those who want to learn photography and filmmaking.

On their channel, you will find very informative content on how to light your subject, how to pose your model, landscape photography, filmmaking, and more.

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10. Eli Infante

Eli Infante is an amazing photographer from Texas, United States. On his channel, he shares photography tips and tricks as well as how to edit your photos.

Night portraits are one of his specialties. If you are into portrait photography then you are gonna love his content.

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Photography is all about learning and practicing. If you are someone who wants to learn photography or level up your photography skills then you might like the channels that I have included in this list.

You shouldn’t stop here as there are so many great resources available on YouTube and online.