5 Best Presets App for Lightroom Mobile

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Adobe’s creative cloud has paved ways for not only professionals but also millennials who prefer slight editing on their photos. Lightroom has grown quite a lot these years, and the same can be said for its mobile variant. It has superb editing features, a clean user-interface, and presets – the pièce de résistance.

Best Presets App for Lightroom Mobile

Unlike filters, presets have a substantial effect on photos, tweaking several intangible settings of a picture. But, as good as they sound, the free ones are hard to come by. You’ll end up paying for presets that you could have downloaded for free. So, your search for the best preset app for Lightroom Mobile ends here. This article mentions a few apps that support third-party Lightroom presets, which are available for free. So, let’s shed some light on it.

1. Presetly

Best Presets App for Lightroom Mobile

The first app in the list of the best presets app for Lightroom Mobile is Presetly. The fantastic team of 3nions developed it. This app sets out to achieve that only a handful of applications could – provide worthy and premium presets for free. There are many of those that can be easily exported on Lightroom Mobile.

The app’s UI is fantastic and demands more attention from you, but if you get lost in the presets collection, no one will blame you! The presets are updated regularly. If you are into premium and classy presets, Presetly should be your only choice. Download it from the link below.

Download Presetly


Best Presets App for Lightroom Mobile

Developed by Mobile Presets, FLTR offers free presets for Lightroom. They pride in collaborating with influencers with whose help such unique presets are available to you and me. With over 350 free presets, FLTR is one of the best preset apps for Lightroom Mobile. The app also introduces a new preset daily so that monotony won’t kill your mood. The process for using a preset is a cakewalk. Simply select a preset, import a photo, and apply the effects. FLTR enhances your already good images. Download it from the link below.

Download FLTR

3. Koloro

Best Presets App for Lightroom Mobile

Cerdiallac’s Koloro application is a great tool to find presets for Lightroom mobile. The app has over 800 presets and overlays that amplifies the best qualities of your photos. Koloro also lets you edit videos along with the inclusion of presets, which is its best feature.

The app also doubles as a video editor that enables you to adjust structure, vibrance, grain, HSL, etc. What’s more? You can create your own presets and filters in just a few taps. Koloro will satiate all your editing needs, so download it from the link below.

Download Koloro

4. PRO & Trendy LR Presets

Best Presets App for Lightroom Mobile

PRO & Trendy LR Presets by Inspiring Apps LLC is a great app that fetches great presets for Lightroom. This app provides over 25 packs, and 160 mobile presets in DNG and XMP formats, the latter come handy quite a lot.

The app prides itself with its swift touches, and it’s not misleading; you’ll have your photo as new within a few seconds. A few presets are moody, dark, airy, teal and orange, black and white, the 90s, etc. It’s a must-try preset app. Download Pro & Trendy LR Presets from the link below.

Download PRO & Trendy LR Presets

5. Lightroom Presets App

The last app on our list of the best presets app for Lightroom Mobile is Lightroom Presets App. Developed by VM Group Indonesia, the presets emit a professional vibe. The app is easy to use but does have some bugs, so keep that in mind. The UI makes it swift to navigate through tones of presets that are worth your time and pictures. The ads got annoying after a while, but the availability of presets make up for it. Download Lightroom Presets App from the link below.

Download Lightroom Presets App


Can you use Lightroom presets on mobile?

Yes, you can use Lightroom presets on your smartphone. You can also download third-party presets on your phone. Presetly provides the best in class presets that are free of cost.

Which is the best preset app?

Presetly, FLTR, Koloro, etc. are some of the best preset apps.

How do I download XMP presets to Lightroom mobile?

Download the presets in the XMP format. Go to your Downloads folder and find the zip file that contains the presets. Click on the folder and tap of ‘Import.’ The downloaded presets will be imported to Lightroom.

Can I copy and paste preset effects?

Yes, you can copy-paste preset properties onto your photos.  To do so, click on the preset and tap on the three vertical dots. Checkmark settings you would like to copy and click on the checkmark. Now import a picture on which you want to copy these settings. Click on the three vertical dots and select Paste. It’s that easy.


These are the best preset app for Lightroom Mobile. They will do the trick and further enhance your photos. Some might show your advertisements, but that is acceptable considering they are providing presets for free.

Which website do you use to download free presets? Did you like any app mentioned above? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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