25 Best Photo Poses For Girls in Saree

Saree poses and inspirations for your next photoshoot.

Best Photo Poses For Girls in Saree

Be it a wedding or a religious ceremony, a saree once donned looks absolutely outstanding. Although it’s quite difficult to carry the attire does speak elegance. When captured in a photo, it looks dramatically beautiful. The beauty of the photo doubles up when you give a perfect pose, as then only will the graceful style of your style will come into the picture.

Photo Poses For Girls in Saree

As saree is not won regularly, you might wanna look upon some poses to get some alluring saree stills. Here, in this article, I have aggregated a bunch of saree poses that are a great inspiration to add to your posing skills.

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1. Looking sideways, cross your left arm over the right, letting the right arm rest on your thigh. 

PHOTO: amrapaliboutique.in

2. Pose while looking down as if you’re adjusting your saree drape. 

PHOTO: chakoriethnic.com

3. While sitting, flare your saree drape while crossing both the hands and rest them on your knees. 

PHOTO: Thiveyappriya

4. Facing to the camera, lean against the wall and smile!

PHOTO: amrapaliboutique.in

5. Face diagonally and rest your hands below the waist.

PHOTO: keepmestylish.com

6. Place one hand to touch the neck and chin while facing diagonally. The other hand should rest on support.

Poses For Girls in Saree
PHOTO: amrapaliboutique.in

7. Lift your right arm and place the left arm wherein it should look as if it is resting on your right arm. 

PHOTO: keepmestylish.com

8. Capture yourself while you are about to adjust your hair.


9. While standing, rest your left arm on the right arm. The latter should be positioned in between your thighs. 

PHOTO: kalkifashion.com

10. Let that pallu fly!

PHOTO: piakaghar.com

11. Capture yourself while walking in a saree. Make sure you look away from the camera.

PHOTO: grabandpack.com

12. Place your right arm on your hip while resting your left arm on support. 

PHOTO: keepmestylish.com

Celebs in Saree

13. Vimala Raman

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Image: instagram.com/vimraman/

14. Rashmika Mandanna

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Image: instagram.com/rashmika_mandanna

15. Deepika Padukone

Poses For Girls in Saree
Image: instagram.com/deepikapadukone/

16. Kiara Advani

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Image: instagram.com/kiaraaliaadvani/

17. Shraddha Kapoor

132626122 154867622720814 3330382343325267529 n
Image: instagram.com/shraddhakapoor/

18. Samantha

265430451 938075143468250 9036437793306944428 n
Image: instagram.com/samantharuthprabhuoffl/

19. Mrunal Thakur

299866086 446692844066346 6009534935446379910 n
Image: instagram.com/mrunalthakur/

20. Disha Patani

292205657 360187626259680 4674468037084020929 n
Image: instagram.com/dishapatani/

21. Trisha

Poses For Girls in Saree
Image: instagram.com/trishakrishnan/

22. Sai Pallavi

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Image: instagram.com/saipallavi.senthamarai/

23. Raashii Khanna

Poses For Girls in Saree
Image: instagram.com/raashiikhanna/

24. Katrina Kaif

Poses For Girls in Saree
Image: instagram.com/katrinakaif/


So this was all for the photo poses for girls in saree. Now that you’re aware of some amazing collections of poses in saree, you can take over Instagram effortlessly!

Saree is an absolutely elegant attire, and you can get some really remarkable photos out of it. So don your saree and slay like no other with these stunning poses. 

Which of the above-displayed saree poses will you emulate in your photoshoot? Let us know in the comment section below.

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