10 Best Offline Translator Apps that Work Flawlessly without Internet

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While traveling abroad, the language barrier is one of the greatest challenges an individual faces. Lack of knowledge of a particular language can create misunderstandings even for the smallest thing around. However, the same can be overcome when you have a suitable tool with you that can guide you on pronunciations and translations of words.

Well, that’s not a fancy tool for sure. All you’ve to do is find a suitable translation app that you think equips all the necessary features you were looking for and you’re good to go. 

Offline Translator Apps

To help you choose an appropriate one, we’ve aggregated a list of 10 Best Offline Translator Apps that work flawlessly without the Internet. Keeping in mind the places travelers explore, the internet speed might not be the same everywhere and that is why it is best to carry an offline translator app along.

As far as the features of these apps are concerned, you don’t have to compromise on any as they come equipped with the same functionalities as other translation apps.  

1. Google Translate

Best Offline Translator Apps

Google Translate is undoubtedly the best app for every traveler out there. While using this app, Instant camera translation is the most comprehensive tool you’ll ever come across. You can download translations of almost 59 languages offline. Moreover, there’s a feature where you can simply copy a particular text in any app and Google Translate will have it get translated for you. 

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2. Microsoft Translator

Best Offline Translator Apps

Microsoft Translator is another indispensable app that provides text translation into over 70 languages even when you’re offline. The multi-person conversation translation feature is something you can’t miss. It lets you have in-person conversations with up to 100 people across multiple languages. There are also different pronunciation guides that will help you learn important phrases in foreign languages.

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3. dict.cc dictionary

Best Offline Translator Apps

dict.cc dictionary lets you translate between two languages with ease. All dictionaries within this app are bidirectional, all you have to do is type in your keyword in either language and you’re good to go. It comes equipped with some amazing features including offline support, auto suggestions, audio pronunciations, and many more.

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4. Dict Box

With Dict Box, you can translate text directly in web browsers and save your time from actually typing them. The app comes with great features such as complete offline support, word corrections, audio pronunciations, pictures, flashcards for memorization practice, and cross-device syncing. Moreover, the user interface is easy and the design of the app is also quite decent. 

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5. Dictionary Linguee

Dictionary Linguee

Dictionary Linguee provides you with reliable translations in the shortest time possible. You get translations just after entering the first few letters of the word. You can download the editorial dictionaries even when you’re offline. It is a decent dictionary for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, and Polish.

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6. Reverso Translate and Learn

Best Offline Translator Apps

‘Reverso Translate and Learn’ focuses on enhancing your vocabulary and is suitable for individuals of every type be it student, business professionals, beginners, or advanced learners, it will provide you with the most relevant results. The app functions by collecting data from dozens of real-life multilingual texts computed with powerful big data algorithms and machine learning techniques. 

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7. iTranslate Translator & Dictionary

With iTranslate Translator & Dictionary, you can start voice-to-voice conversations in over 100 languages while abroad. The translations available within the app can be listened to in both male or female voices. It comes with some of the most exciting features including Transliteration, Sharing, Favorites, History, and many more. You can even switch to its pro version to avail of some additional features such as offline translation mode in over 40 Languages, voice-to-voice conversations, and verb conjugations in different tenses.

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8. Language Translate – Free Translation Voice & Text

‘Language Translate’ allows you to translate between different languages whilst using features such as text translator, voice translator, text to speech, language translator with English conversation. While abroad, all you have to do is use the apps’ language translator’s speak to translate functionality to translate words pronunciation of the foreign language. 

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9. Naver Papago

Naver Papago is another offline translator app that allows translation of over 13 languages. You can use this app to translate entire web pages by just pasting it in the URL. It includes both a dictionary and a phrasebook and provides you with hundreds of helpful recommendations. You can even translate a particular text by simply taking a picture which is indeed really useful when you are in a real hurry.

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10. Offline Translate

Best Offline Translator Apps

The last one on our list is ‘Offline Translate’ that will simply translate full sentences and entire texts without an active internet connection. It saves all of your previous translations automatically for future reference which is indeed of great help. Also, you can tap on individual words while reading a particular text.



What is the best offline translator?

Google translate is one of the best translator apps where you can download translations of almost 59 languages offline.

Is there an offline translator app?

Yes, there are translator apps that can be completely used offline. 


So this was our list of 10 Best Offline Translator Apps that work flawlessly without the Internet. All of these offline translation apps translate instantly as you type offline and host a bunch of great features that make sure you’re provided with accurate translations. 

Which one of the above mentioned offline translator apps are you going to use? Is it Google translate or Dict Box or any other app? Let us know in the comment section below.

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