Top 15 Best Manga Reader Apps for Android & iOS

Read Manga on Your Smartphone

Best Manga Reader Apps

Anime (Japanese animation) and Manga (comics and hand-drawn cartoons) often go hand-in-hand. Both are Japanese terms but they have found audiences and readers around the globe.

Some Otakus (fans of Anime and Manga) prefer Anime while some, Manga. Both are equally good.

I recently discovered the world of anime and I am enthralled by it (Thanks, Death Note!) But readers might lean toward the Manga side since Japanese comics are known to be filled with upbeat drama, suspense, and various other elements.

Best Manga Reader Apps for Android & iOS

If you are looking for the best Manga reader apps for Android and iOS, you can stop your search right here. I have curated a list of some apps that are available on both platforms while some on either one.

KEEP IN MIND: If you are using a Comic Book reader app, read the Manga backward – FROM RIGHT TO LEFT. You should use a Manga app.

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1. Crunchyroll Manga

The first app on our list of the best manga reader apps for Android and iOS is Crunchyroll Manga. This brand is the epitome of Japanese anime and Manga.

If you haven’t heard about it, you’ve had a sad childhood. The app is free but there’s a premium subscription for it.

You should consider paying for it since that will remove the pesky advertisements. Read the latest mangas on Crunchyroll since all the popular mangas make their way here.

Download it from the link below.

Best Manga Reader Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • Read popular titles.
  • Amazing reading experience.
  • Free trial.

Android | iOS

2. VIZ Manga

VIZ Manga is the second app on our list of the best Manga reader apps for Android and iOS is has put mangas on the world map. It is perhaps the best app for reading manga on your Android or iOS phone.

You’ll get a bookmark mode to reach the last manga along with an offline mode, which is pretty self-explanatory.

VIZ Manga also provides single/double-entry landscape reading, which is helpful for longer reading sessions.

The app also adds new chapters daily that you can read for free.

Not just new mangas, you can also look for classics such as Death Note in here. Download VIZ Manga from the links given below.

Best Manga Reader Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • Find current hits.
  • Includes the entire VIZ digital catalog.
  • Mark individual chapters.

Android | iOS

3. Manga Rocks

Another top-rated app that lets you read mangas for free, Manga Rocks lives up to its name.

With over 1 million downloads, the app is quite popular among Otakus. You’ll find over 100K mangas.

The app is interactive and has a high-speed approach.

Manga Rocks analyzes your reading habits and based on that you’ll be shown the mangas related to your interest.

Manga Rocks

Main Features:

  • Full-screen read mode.
  • Find Manga in the app.
  • Favorites panel.


4. ComicRack

Comic and manga readers can rejoice as ComicRack offers the best of both the worlds.

You can read your favorite mangas on your phone, tablet, or even a PC.

The user-interface is quite amazing. You, too, will be impressed by it.

This app supports formats like PDF, CBZ, CBR, and RAR. It’s a great app so download it from the link below.

Best Manga Reader Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • Supports PDF, CBZ, ZIP, CBR, and RAR.
  • Easy to use.
  • Use comic book covers as live wallpapers.

Android | iOS

5. Marvel Comics

Marvel fanatics, I know you can’t keep calm because I am trying my best to focus. Download all the Marvel comics directly on your phone and bring the superhero lives to your fingertips.

You’ll find over a thousand titles that include Captain America, Thor, Avengers, Iron Man, etc. Even though you’ll have to pay for most of them, a few are available for free.

This is a perfect app for Marvel fans and for those looking for a gala time! Download Marvel Comics from the link below.

Marvel Comics

Main Features:

  • Best suited for Marvel fans.
  • Free comics section pretty good.
  • Thousands of comics.

Android | iOS

6. MangaToon

The next app on our list of the best Manga reader apps for Android and iOS is MangaToon. Its user interface has set a precedent, especially for Android users.

The app loads fast and make manga reading a pleasant experience. MangaToon lets you choose the manga sources from either Batoto, MangaHere, or Manga Reader. Overall, it’s a decent app.

Download MangaToon from the link below.

Best Manga Reader Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • Thousands of Manga and comic series.
  • Choose sources like Batoto, Manga Reader, MangaHere.
  • filter Manga by genre, source, and time.

Android | iOS

7. MangaPlus

Manga Plus is a perfect app for those who are a fan of Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, etc. It has over millions of manga in its repository so take advantage of this it in this lockdown.

Find your most-loved manga and comment on it. You can also support the creators of the manga in this app.

The app provides you with all the famous animation series and on top of it, MangaPlus is completely free.

Download it from the link below.

unnamed 70

Main Features:

  • Different reading modes.
  • Notifications on new chapters.
  • Easy filters to find Manga.

Android | iOS

8. Manga Dogs

Manga Dogs is the next app on our list of the best Manga reader apps for Android and iOS.

Download thousands of manga in various languages in this app. Read your favorite manga in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and many more languages.

Mangas are downloaded from 10 different sources. There’s a handy reading mode that lets you select an accurate brightness level, reading order, and page orientation.

Manga Dogs lets you make the virtual library that lets you store a collection of your favorite comics. Download it from the link below.

Manga Dogs

Main Features:

  • Find Mangas posted by the original authors.
  • Vertical and horizontal reading modes.
  • Sort Mangas by names, author, and release time.

Android | iOS

9. Online Manga Reader

Online Manga Reader is essential for every Otaku. It is a reliable application that keeps updating its manga catalog with different genres such as comedy, horror, romance, etc.

The best part about this app is that you can read comics with music. Amazing, isn’t it? OMR also has an offline mode, bookmarking, and the ability to create a collection of all your favorite mangas.

Enjoy your mangas with Online Manga Reader. Download it from the link below.

Online Manga Reader

Main Features:

  • Rich catalog.
  • Various genres.
  • Offline reading, personalized collection.


10. Manga Monster

Manga Monster is the next app on our list of the best Manga reader apps for Android and iOS. One of the most feature-rich manga readers, it provides a great reading experience.

Manga Monster has over 24,000 mangas and variety is its richest feature. It also receives regular manga updates so missing out on the latest issues is out of the question.

A clean user interface, tools, and the faster experience make this a manga-must have! Download it from the link below.

Manga Monster

Main Features:

  • 24,000+ Mangas.
  • Clean UI.
  • Regular updates.


11. Manga Box

Manga Box is a fairly simple app that features mangas from popular authors.

You can choose from a variety of genres so you won’t ever have a question as to what to read next! Manga Box features new content daily.

This has a high probability of coming across something interesting to read.

The app is easy to customize so no complaints there. Download this app from the link below.


Main Features:

  • One of the biggest libraries.
  • New comics added daily.
  • Various genres.


12. Manga Reader (Robin Studio)

Robin Studio’s Manga Reader is the next app on our list of the best Manga reader apps for Android and iOS.

It is a well-known manga reader app that has all the popular titles in its catalog that you can read without paying anything.

Its intuitive interface is simple yet snappy. You can download your favorite comic books. So, download Manga Reader from the link below.

Manga Reader Robin Studio

Main Features:

  • Various modes of reading Manga.
  • Bookmarks manga and/or pages.
  • No download limits.

Android | iOS

13. Manga Bird

Manga Bird is the best manga reader for your iPhone. It offers you with 100 free manga in different languages.

Manga Bird’s user-interface is the talk of the town since its snappy yet colorful.

Worried that you might miss out on your favorite comics? Manga Bird notifies you about the new chapters of your favorite comics.

You get a zoom in/out support along with a vertical and horizontal viewing mode. You can also lock the orientation for a pleasant viewing experience. Download Manga Bird from the link below. 

Manga Bird 1

Main Features:

  • 1000 free comics.
  • Supports for zoom in/out.
  • Easy and beautiful interface.


14. Manga Zero

The penultimate app on our list of the best Manga reader apps for Android and iOS is Manga Zero, which gives an authentic manga reading experience.

People from other countries can enjoy the app without any hassle. The user interface is pretty slow but the catalog more than makes up for it.

It is a completely free app that lets you read your favorite comics without any distractions. Download Manga Zero from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Different reading modes.
  • Find new and classic Manga.
  • New chapters uploaded regularly.


15. Manga Storm

Manga Storm is the last app on our list of the best Manga reader apps for Android and iOS. It is a very simple app with a clean user-interface that provides high-quality reading experience.

It has tonnes of new features, thanks to the developers. Open the app and enter the URL of the site and enjoy some great mangas.

The app keeps a tab of your reading so the next time you open the app, you can see your reading process. Download Manga Storm from the link below.

Manga Storm

Main Features:

  • Get high-quality reading.
  • Read web Manga in the app.
  • Various helpful functions.



What is the best Manga app for Android?

Crunchyroll Manga, VIZManga, MangaPlus, ComicRack are a few best Manga reader apps for Android and iOS.

Where can I read manga on iOS?

Download Crunchyroll Manga, Manga Monster, Manga Bird, Manga Dogs on the App Store read Manga.

What are the best free Manga Apps for Android?

Manga Plus by SHUEISHA, Crunchyroll Manga, Manga Box, etc. are the best free Manga apps for Android.

Is Crunchyroll Manga free?

Crunchyroll Manga follows a freemium pattern – you can read the most recent chapters for free, provided that you are a member. You will see some advertisements. When it comes to licensing, some titles can only be accessed by premium members, for which you’ll have to pay a price.


These are the best Manga reader apps for Android and iOS. I have used a few of these but Crunchyroll Manga remains my favorite to date. You can try some of them and settle for an app that fulfills all your requirements.

Have you ever read Manga? If not, which one are you reading at the moment? Spill the details in the comments section.

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