30 Best Male Disney Characters List With Pictures

Kristoff upon meeting

Disney, the name that used to mean a lot to us back in childhood, still does to some of us.

The characters, storytelling, animation, everything about a Disney movie used to amaze us as a child.

As for the characters, Disney has introduced us to some of the best characters whom many young people still look up to.

Well, it seems that Disney female characters have been in the limelight for years with many films being made focusing on the role of female lead more as compared to those of males.

However, with the evolution in the generation, Disney changed its perception of both male and female characters by developing movies with a more logical and sensitive mindset.

Disney is not all about princesses as there are movies that have enlightened us with some of the most physically and emotionally strong characters over the years. 

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30 Best Male Disney Characters List With Pictures

Here’s the list of 30 Best Male Disney Characters (not just humans though) that have depth in their characters. 

30. Prince Charming, Cinderella

Best Male Disney Characters List With Pictures

Although he may be known mostly for his looks, he is a prince of a royal family who marries Cinderella

29. Thomas, Pocahontas

Best Male Disney Characters List With Pictures

Thomas is supporting lead in Pocahontas who serves as a loyal best friend to John Smith.

28. Jim Hawkins, Treasure Planet

Jim Hawkins

Jim Hawkins adventures to find the fabled Treasure Planet to use the weather in order to give a better life to his mother. 

27. The Prince, Snow White, and the Seven Dwarfs

the prince

The Prince is Disney’s first-ever male lead character and is a romantic interest of Snow white. 

26. Kocoum, Pocahontas

Best Male Disney Characters List With Pictures

Kocoum is an American warrior who was supposed to become the next Powhatan Chief and marry Pocahontas.

25. Zeus, Hercules

Zeus Hercules

Zeus is the father of Hercules and a ruler of Mount Olympus who has the ability to control thunder and lightning.

24. Frollo, Hunchback of Notre Dame

Frollo Hunchback of Notre Dame

Frollo is a Parisian justice minister who becomes a caretaker of the deformed Quasimodo after a series of shuttering circumstances. 

23. Phoebus, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Phoebus The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Phoebus is a war veteran who betrays his superior for his love for the “gypsy woman” Esmeralda. The events lead to a fight for liberty. 

22. Tadashi Hamada, Big Hero 6

Tadashi Hamada Big Hero 6

Tadashi Hamada is a talented student who specializes in robotics, however, his sudden death leads to a series of new events.  

21. King Triton, The Little Mermaid

King Triton The Little Mermaid

King Triton is the ruler of Atlantica which is a sea inhabited by merpeople. He is a powerful king whose order decides the actions in the kingdom. 

20. John Smith, Pocahontas

John Smith Pocahontas

John Smith is a popular English explorer who actively takes part in Governor Ratcliffe‘s expedition to Virginia. There he falls in love with Pocahontas.

19. David Kawena, Lilo, and Stitch

David Kawena Lilo and Stitch

David Kawena is an excellent surfer and is Nani‘s boyfriend. Both of them have trouble finding decent employment.  

18. Prince Philip, Sleeping Beauty

Prince Philip Sleeping Beauty

Prince Philip is a really good-looking boy who falls in love with a girl in a forest during an encounter along with his alliance. 

17. Prince Eric, The Little Mermaid

Best Male Disney Characters List With Pictures

Prince Eric is once rescued by a girl after nearly losing his life by drowning. For this act, he gets determined to find and ultimately marry her. 

16. Li Shang, Mulan

Li Shang Mulan

Shang follows the steps of his father and aspires to become a leader of “China’s greatest troops”. He is later appointed as the head of a ragtag group of soldiers.

15. Robin Hood, Robin Hood

Robin Hood Robin Hood

Robin Hood in the movie is shown to help poor people by robbing from rich people. His personality is quite strong though. 

14. Aladdin, Aladdin

Aladdin Aladdin

Aladdin was brought up in a not-so-cool environment and that made him believe that he is not worthy of love. However, his whole perception of life changes when he meets Princess Jasmine

13. Prince Naveen, The Princess, and the Frog

Prince Naveen The Princess and the Frog

Prince Naveen was transformed into a frog during his visit to New Orleans by a witch doctor. He can only turn back into a human upon kissing a princess. 

12. Mufasa, The Lion King

Mufasa The Lion King

Kristoff upon meeting Princess Anna realizes that humans can be good too. Before that, he used to believe humans cheating crooks.

11. Kristoff, Frozen

Best Male Disney Characters List With Pictures

His outlook would slowly change upon meeting Princess Anna, whose warmheartedness would prove that people aren’t as bad as Kristoff believed.

10. Lightning McQueen, Cars

Lightning McQueen Cars

The main character in Cars, Lightning McQueen discovers that life is much more than winning races while he gets stranded in a least-expected situation. 

9. Woody, Toy Story

Best Male Disney Characters List With Pictures

Woody is the leader of Andy’s toys and is basically a vintage cowboy doll. He always helps other toys alongside. 

8. Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story

Buzz Lightyear Toy Story

Buzz Lightyear is a spaceman figure in Toy Story. His initial conflict with Sheriff Woody later turns into a beautiful friendship. 

7. Simba, The Lion King

Simba The Lion King

Soon after Simba’s father murder by Scar, he leaves Pride Lands for the blame of his father’s death. He soon discovers the truth upon reaching adulthood and defeats scar in a rivalrous battle. 

6. Beast, Beauty and the Beast

Best Male Disney Characters List With Pictures

Cursed by a mysterious Enchantress for his rude behavior, The Beast could only be freed from the curse if he earns love in return and the time is running out every second. 

5. Hercules, Hercules

Best Male Disney Characters List With Pictures

Not knowing about his godly strength, Hercules is clumsy most of the time. Eventually, he understands his true powers and becomes a real hero. 

4. Tarzan, Tarzan

Best Male Disney Characters List With Pictures

Tarzan equips some of the most exceptional abilities, much because he’d spent his whole life in the Jungle. He’s incredibly strong as he can defeat enemies with just bare hands. 

3. Barley, Onward

Best Male Disney Characters List With Pictures

Barley is a 19-year-old elf who performs magic who’s quite interested more in the past as compared to the present. Seeing his character evolve in the film is really fulfilling. 

2. Joe Gardner, Soul

Best Male Disney Characters List With Pictures

A man who follows his passion for playing jazz and believes he’s born to do that. However, when he gets to play his biggest gig, he accidentally falls down a manhole and is declared to be in a coma. 

1. Flynn Rider, Rapunzel

Best Male Disney Characters List With Pictures

Flynn Rider, a character whose personality changes halfway in the movie itself. He changes completely after he escapes Rapunzel and helps her achieve what she wants in her life.

He’s surely the sweetest, happiest, and most skilled male character Disney fans could ever get.

Final thoughts

This was all for the list of 30 Best Male Disney Characters, we have covered all the major male characters that made our Disney experience even more fruitful. If you love Disney characters then you can order stickable photo tiles for your Walls from wallpics.

Well, all the characters in Disney are portrayed in a charismatic way but some depict magnificent character behavior. 

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