7 Best Instagram Grid Layouts App

Out of all social media platforms, Instagram stands out due to its immense popularity. Being active on Instagram is not the same as being popular. But to be popular, one has to be active. And a part of it is accepting trends, grids being one of them.

If you need more followers or want to set your brand, your content should be well-baked and engrossing. Making proper grids is a part of the engaging content. So, if you want to know the secret to make perfect grids, I have found some of the best Instagram grid layout app.

7 Best Instagram Grid Layouts App

The following Instagram grid apps are free and will make your Instagram timeline engaging.

1. 9square for Instagram

Best Instagram Grid Layouts App

9square for Instagram is the best app to make grid layouts. You can make high-quality images that look equally good on Instagram. With over 10 various grid styles, this app definitely tops the list.

If you are unsure about some images, you can zoom in, mirror, or even rotate images. Editing is the key to a complete grid layout, so ensure you take advantage of the app.

You can select images from your gallery or click directly from the app. Try the app from the link below.


2. PhotoSplit for Instagram

Best Instagram Grid Layouts App

PhotoSplit is a well-known application that will effectively and easily make grid photos. The app directly posts them to Instagram, which is quite time-saving. The app offers 1×2, 1×3, 2×3, 3×3 & 4×3 grid sizes.

Even though the quality will be high, your phone’s storage won’t feel a thing. The app is easy to use, and basic features such as zooming in are present here.

Over 400,000 Instagram users use PhotoSplit.

Android | iOS

3. Giant Square: Grids & Collages 4+

Best Instagram Grid Layouts App

Giant Square is an outstanding app that will liven up your Instagram feeds. Be an Instagram pro by using this app. It produces high-quality photos, be it for collages, grids, or just posts.

Giant Square lets you produce banners, split photos, and panorama pictures – basically all that’s a rage now. Shine your feed with the square editor with which you can fit panorama images in just one image. To enhance your photos, you can add stickers, filters, text and make some fine adjustments.

Android | iOS

4. Grid Maker for Instagram

Best Instagram Grid Layouts App

Grid Maker for Instagram by WrongTurn Apps is the best app to create grid photos and crop them. The app supports various grid sizes, including 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5, 3×6, 3×7, 3×8, 3×9, 3×10, 2×1, 2×2, and 2×3.

You can share large panoramas by splitting them into various high-resolution images. You can of course rotate the pictures and scale them the way you like. The best feature of Grid Maker is that it posts the final images directly to your social media accounts.


5. Grid Post Maker for Instagram 4+

Best Instagram Grid Layouts App

Grid Post Maker presents a unique style for making grid posts. Making photo partition is quite easy, given the app’s simple UI filled with basic yet novel features.

You can make over 50 grids. The AI suggests which image sequence will suit a grid. The app’s UI takes the cake, so you will definitely love the app if you are into that.


6. 9Cut Insta

9Cut Insta

9Cut Insta is amazing for creating stylish grid photos for your Instagram account. With a simple user interface and features that no other apps offer, you’ll feel at home while using 9Cut Insta.

Click photos or select from your gallery; you can create grid layouts that will astonish your followers. The grids are available in 3*1, 3*2, 3*3, 3*4, and 3*5. Basic functionalities like pinch to zoom and rotate are present here with buttons. The output will look excellent with a smaller storage size.


7. Grids: Giant Square, Templates 4+

Grids Giant Square Templates

Grids is a fabulous, iOS-only app that offers a quick and simple way to make your Instagram feed outstanding. Sort out your feed with impressive and high-quality posts that will propel your Instagram followers.

This app understands what the users – you – need, and they provide it. The easy design template is highly customizable that will provide a consistent vibe to your profile. Enhance your posts by adding impressive elements to the photos. Once you try Grids, you won’t go back to any app.



How do you get the grid layout on Instagram?

You will have to plan your grid layout.

  • You should preview it before posting.
  • You’ll have to stick to a plan, so be consistent.
  • It should match your feed or brand.
  • Edit the images.
  • Finally, schedule your posts.

How do you get a good grid on Instagram?

  • Choose a grid layout.
  • Pick a theme or mood.
  • Pick a topic you want to post about.
  • Choose only one filter and adhere to it.
  • You can rearrange the order of your posts.
  • There should be color coordination.
  • Keep the background of your photos in mind.
  • Please use the same border.

How do you get 3 grids on Instagram?

To set 3 grids on Instagram, follow the steps:

Step 1: Prepare your posts. You’ll need to think about what the post should be.

Step 2: Arrange your posts. You can take the help of Tailwind Instagram Grid Planner.

Step 3: After you arrange the posts, schedule them, and then post your Instagram posts in threes.

Does your Instagram Grid matter?

It depends on your brand or your vibe. You can plan it and schedule it.

How do you make a grid of pictures?

You can make a grid of pictures in 3 easy steps: You can use Canva.com

Step 1: Pick a Photo Grid template. You can also select from pre-defined grid templates.

Step 2: Edit the photos and arrange them the way you want to.

Step 3: Upload your photos by simply dragging-dropping them to the template. You can decorate them with background and other art.

Step 4: Now save or share.


These are some of the best Instagram grid layout app. Instagram has become living means for some, so putting their best “post” forward is essential. The aforementioned apps will help you manage your Instagram account and gain more followers.


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