10 Best Image Downloader Extensions for Chrome

Best Image Downloader Extensions for Chrome

Everyone has a computer nowadays, which is used for various reasons.

Students use it for school/college projects, adults use it for office work, and some use it as an entertainment device.

Not many people use their computers to a full extent.

There are hundreds of useful apps on the App Store, but people don’t know about them!

One such faction of technology is extensions.

Extensions are software programs built on web technologies like CSS, HTML, etc. It lets users give Chrome browsing a personal experience.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best image downloader extensions for Chrome that lets users save images from web pages that generally don’t allow them.

Chrome’s built-in image tools may work without hurdles, but third-party extensions have much more to offer.

Designers and artists who have to download many images would know the effort to save bulk images in one click.

The extensions will allow you to download images in bulk, screenshot them, edit them, and even get your work done in a few clicks.

Whatever your requirements are, these Chrome extensions will help you achieve the best out of your workflow.

Best Image Downloader Extensions for Chrome

Want to download images in bulk or just a frame from a YouTube video? The following extensions can also download pictures in one click.

They are all verified extensions, so rest assured you can download them.

How to Download Extensions to Chrome?

To download Chrome extensions, you either need Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Ensure that your browser is updated.

Now, go to the Chrome Web Store website and search for an extension you want to install. You can also check out the categories on the left side.

When you find the extension you are looking for, read its reviews, and hit the download button.

Now, tap on ‘Add to Chrome’ when prompted. This will install the extension on your Chrome browser.

To access all the downloaded extensions, check the right side of the address bar. Click on the puzzle icon to locate all the extensions and pin them if you want.

1. Lightshot (screenshot tool)

Best Image Downloader Extensions for Chrome

We can all agree that screenshots are now a part of our lives, and several apps help us organize and maintain them.

Lightshot is a well-known screenshot app that has its Chrome extension.

If you can’t download images on a specific webpage, you can simply take a screenshot and edit it as you like.

When you come across the image you want to save, select the screen area and save it.

The extension is simple and quite intuitive. Moreover, you can customize its features at your convenience. If you want, you can search for similar screenshots.

With over 2,000,000+ users, Lightshot is the best Chrome extension for downloading images.

Main features

  • Take a screenshot and quickly share it
  • Immediately edit screenshot
  • Copy screenshots to the clipboard

Pricing: Free

Rating: 7,228

Users: 2,000,000+ users

Download Lightshot

2. Image Downloader

Best Image Downloader Extensions for Chrome

Image Downloader is an immensely popular Chrome extension for downloading images. It just works.

I tried several image downloader extensions to research this listicle, but none comes close to this.

Firstly, it is open-source, which means great options, and it has a nifty filters feature to limit images based on their height and width.

The extension also allows you to access URLs for the images on a website.

You can download a single image or in bulk. Image Downloader allows you to select images you want to download.

The only known flaw of this extension is that it sometimes downloads the image thumbnail instead of downloading it in its original size.

But this issue can be solved by opening the image in a new tab and downloading it.

Main features

  • One-click download
  • Explore images on the current page
  • Rename downloaded files

Pricing: Free

Rating: 2,291

Users: 1,000,000+ users

Download Image Downloader

3. Fatkun Batch Download Image

Fatkun Batch Download Image

Fatkun Batch Download Image is an easy choice as it lets you download images in bulk at once. Simply visit a webpage whose images you want to download.

The extension works on almost all websites.

You can also filter pictures from a webpage based on their format, file size, and resolution. This is a handy feature when a website bombards you with all its images.

Apart from these filters, there are others that will further narrow your search so that you find the right images to download.

Main features

  • Download with one click
  • Large, high-definition images
  • Filter by resolution or link

Pricing: Free

Rating: 2,668

Users: 700,000+ users

Download Fatkun Batch Download Image

4. ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader

ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader

ImageAssistant is a batch image downloader extension for Chrome.

It does a great job at finding all the images on the website you are on. You can bulk download these images and access them offline whenever you want.

The images extracted from a webpage are saved in JPEG, PNG, and SVG for those worrying about the file type.

What I like the most about this extension is its QR code option for an image. You can scan the QR code and download the image to your phone.

ImageAssistant also has the option to edit images online. Sweet!

Main features

  • Batch download images
  • All webpages supported
  • Easily extract images loaded by ajax or flash

Pricing: Free

Rating: 453

Users: 400,000+ users

Download ImageAssistant

5. Image downloader – Imageye

Image downloader Imageye

Imageye is an excellent image downloader extension for Chrome that works as advertised.

The extension wins browny points for its efficiency and straightforward approach to downloading images.

After downloading this extension, click on it to see a list of all the images of the website you are currently surfing. You just have to go through them and download whichever images you want to save.

You can also filter images based on pixel height and width. Moreover, the extension has a nifty feature that lets you copy the URL of the original image, and it works smoothly with all kinds of websites.

Imageye is an ideal image downloader extension for Chrome for social media websites.

Main features

  • Bulk download images
  • Check image size
  • Various layout options

Pricing: Free

Rating: 3,347

Users: 200,000+ users

Download Imageye

6. Download All Images

Download All Images

Download All Images is a superb image downloader extension that is efficient at swiftly downloading bulk images at once.

You can use the extension’s filter for the file type (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP), dimensions, and file size to limit specific images showing up.

The extension is extremely good at detecting all the images on a website, and you can even count the small logos spread out on web pages.

Download All Images makes the user’s job easy by displaying all pictures in a gallery view that gives you a good sneak peek before downloading them.

Main features

  • Bulk download images
  • Download photos in ZIP format
  • Detects image’s current web page

Pricing: Free

Rating: 166

Users: 70,000+ users

Download Download All Images

7. Unsplash For Chrome

Unsplash For Chrome

Unsplash is a well-known picture-sharing stock photography website owned by Getty Images.

Due to its ‘Unsplash’ license, the website has millions of free, high-quality images sourced from its users, Google, and a few other search engines.

The extension is magic for image lovers and lets you download images without any hurdles.

For those looking for specific images, you will find pictures divided into categories for easy access.

When you visit any website on Chrome, all its images are visible on Unsplash For Chrome, so downloads are swift.

If you want to open the extension, select the name of the person who clicked the image, and you will be redirected to Unsplash.

Main features

  • Quick search
  • Works on any web page
  • High-quality images

Pricing: Free

Rating: 33

Users: 60,000+ users

Download Unsplash For Chrome

8. Double-click Image Downloader

Double click Image Downloader

Double-click Image Downloader is an amazing image downloader extension that lets you save all the images from a webpage that you visit on Google Chrome.

All you have to do is click on the extension when you want to see all the images used on a website. To download these images, simply double-click on them.

I like that this extension goes a step further and adds an extensive filter option to separate the images according to their height, width, pixel, etc.

You can also bulk download images with a one-tap option.

Main features

  • Swift downloads
  • Available for Chrome & Firefox
  • Rename downloaded images with patterns

Pricing: Free

Rating: 138

Users: 30,000+ users

Download Double-click Image Downloader

9. Loadify – Smart Image Downloader

Loadify Smart Image Downloader

Loadify – Smart Image Downloader isn’t your average image downloader extension. It does that, too, but many extra features make it a must-have extension in every graphic designer’s arsenal.

You can extract color information on a website without any delays. This helps people create various color palettes or match the shades of different images.

Many pay little attention to an extension’s design, but Loadify takes it up a notch with its sleek interface.

All you need to do is click on this extension, and a new tab will be opened. It will display all the images found on your current webpage. Now, you can either download images in bulk or individual images.

Artists, brand strategists, graphic designers, and those whose work revolves around colors should download this extension as it extracts images with super speed.

Main features

  • Easy access to all images on any webpage
  • Get all the images and colors
  • Responsive and intuitive design

Pricing: Free

Rating: 32

Users: 10,000+ users

Download Loadify

10. Image download for YouTube

Image download for YouTube

There are times when the thumbnail of a YouTube video is quite interesting.

With Image download for YouTube, you can easily download YouTube thumbnails in full resolution with a single click.

You can use the downloaded images as a desktop wallpaper or share them with your contacts.

You can also download the image used in a video. It’s best used when you want to decipher a place in the video or simply like the scenic view.

When you open a YouTube video and click the extension icon on the top right corner, it will show you a preview with the download button. Tap on ‘Download’ and save the image.

Main features

Pricing: Free

Rating: 27

Users: 1,000+ users

Download Image Download for Youtube


What is the best image downloader?

Imageye is the best image downloader extension for Chrome, and its easy, intuitive interface is why people prefer it.

How can I download all images from a website?

ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader extension can download all the images on a webpage.

Are Chrome extensions safe?

It depends on which extension you download. They surely enhance your browsing experience, but some are known to steal data or redirect your searches to shady websites.


These are the 10 best image downloader extensions for Chrome.

All the extensions in this article will help you download images from web pages that generally won’t let you do so.

All of them are free, so try a few and keep those that suit your needs.

Remember that installing too many extensions could slow down the browser. Always read the reviews before installing anything.

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