10 Best Free Alternative to Grammarly

Best Free Alternative to Grammarly

Looking for free alternative to Grammarly? You might just find it on this article.

I stepped into my writer’s shoes over a year ago and it felt surreal. I knew that I was (and am) accountable for the content I put out, so I had to be extra careful so as not to hurt people and their feelings. I also didn’t want to look silly with simple spelling mistakes. Hiring a proofreader was out of the question but I knew a tool that could help me. Grammarly has corrected all my materials and I’m grateful for it. Just a month ago, I subscribed to the premium plan, which did burn a hole in my pocket but it has opened a lot of corrective doors for me.

Best Free Alternative to Grammarly

I used the free version for years before becoming a writer for my college texts and some other material. But not everyone wants to pay a hefty amount for a grammar checker. Moreover, the tool hasn’t eluded flaws, which begs some free alternative to Grammarly. With thorough research, I came across some 10 tools that will save you the grammatical horrors. So, let’s shine some light on them.

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1. Ginger Software

10 Best Free Alternative to Grammarly

Ginger software is the best free alternative to Grammarly. This Israeli startup is known to give Grammarly a run for its money. Thanks to its Natural Language Processing, the writing process sees a drastic improvement, which also boosts writing productivity and develops good English speaking skills. The grammar checker and punctuation tools are on point. They won’t miss a single mistake that you commit while meeting that deadline. Try it from the link below.

Download Ginger Software

2. ProWritingAid

10 Best Free Alternative to Grammarly

The second tool on our list of free alternative to Grammarly is ProWritingAid. It a jack of all trades, which provides a style editor tool, plagiarism checker, and a robust grammar checker. Think of it as your writing coach, which will correct your mistakes so that you can present your material with confidence. ProWritingAid works with Google Docs and many other platforms. You should give this tool a shot.

Download ProWritingAid

3. Sapling

10 Best Free Alternative to Grammarly

Sapling is another free alternative to Grammarly. It is an AI-powered writing assistant and a grammar checker that detects over 60% of issues with the help of a machine learning system that is trained on millions of English sentences. You can use it as a browser extension, which is quite handy. Its ‘Autocomplete Everywhere’ and ‘Snippets’ features increase your productivity and writing efficiency. Try it from the link below.

Download Sapling

4. GrammarLookup.com

10 Best Free Alternative to Grammarly

GrammarLookup is a website that also uses AI to check grammar and spelling mistakes. The user interface is quite good. The website is also adept at highlighting style issues and performs punctuation check. The best feature of this tool is that you don’t need to register. Just copy your material, paste it in the GrammarLookup box, and hit Lookup.

Visit GrammarLookup.com

5. JetPack

10 Best Free Alternative to Grammarly

JetPack is the next grammar checker on our list of free alternative to Grammarly. To show you your mistakes, it marks words with green, red, and blue icons. It is the best tool to look out for bias language complex sentences, jargon, and phrases that can be avoided. WordPress users can rejoice as there is an in-built tool for proofreading and other simple tasks.

Visit JetPack

6. 1Checker

10 Best Free Alternative to Grammarly

1Checker is a flexible tool that is available online or as an application. Those whose work depends on Microsoft Outlook and Word would be happy to know that it can be integrated with both the services. It is efficient in Natural language processing system, which is an amalgamation of AI and computer science. This free tool lets you correct basic mistakes, such as spelling errors, wordiness, structural changes, etc. It’s a must-have tool for writers.

Download 1Checker

7. Slick Write

10 Best Free Alternative to Grammarly

As the name suggests, Slick Write is a free alternative to Grammarly which is well suited to students, teachers, bloggers, novelists, SEO professionals, agencies, etc. It’s one of the best tools to check your grammatical errors. It’s really fast when it comes to identifying your mistakes. The best part about Slick Write is that no installation of any sort is needed and it’s free. Try it from the link below.

Download Slick Write

8. SentenceCheckup.com

10 Best Free Alternative to Grammarly

A simple website, SentenceCheckup is really good at identifying complex mistakes. Of course, it can handle basic spelling and grammatical errors. If you are looking for a quick tool to refine your writing skills and make your documents error-free, then look no further than this website. It easily detects inappropriate words and replaces them with the correct ones, depending on the situation of the sentence.

Visit SentenceCheckup.com

9. LanguageTool

10 Best Free Alternative to Grammarly

LanguageTool is another free alternative to Grammarly. It’s quite skilful in checking the style, grammar, and spelling errors of your writing material. You find any other tool that does all this in 20 different languages. It comes a bit of a learning curve but you’ll manage it soon enough. The free tier provides the basic corrections but there’s a premium tier too, but you should try the basic one first.

Download LanguageTool

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10. PaperRater

10 Best Free Alternative to Grammarly

The last tool on our list of free alternative to Grammarly is PaperRater. This web-based grammar and spelling checker is especially aimed at students who want a free tool to review their papers. PaperRater will find your cheeky mistakes with a robust proofreading system that has some great suggestions to improve writing. Thanks to data science and artificial intelligence, it’s super-fast, with only 5-25 seconds spent on correcting content.

Download PaperRater


Is there something better than Grammarly?

Yes. The are better options than Grammarly. Ginger comes close to it.

What is the free alternative to Grammarly?

Ginger, ProWritingAid, Sapling, GrammarLookup.com, Slick Write, etc. are the free alternative to Grammarly.

Is using grammar checking services considered cheating?

No, using any grammar checking services isn’t illegal. Take Grammarly for instance, it uses an algorithm used to rectify your mistakes in terms of grammar, spelling. It also detects possible plagiarism, if any, in your writing.


These are some of the best free alternative to Grammarly. It is a good grammar checker but if you’ve money to burn, you can opt for it. If not, then you can opt for any of the aforementioned apps. Grammar checker and proofreader aids in error-free material. I am a writer and Grammarly has saved me hundreds of embarrassments. These tools save our time, increase our efficiency, and allows us to be more productive.

Peruse all the ten services and choose a tool that helps you become more productive and cuts your silly mistakes by half. They also save your precious money which you would have otherwise spent on a proofreader or an editor.

What is your opinion of a grammar checker? Have you ever used one? If not, will you use one? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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