11 Best English Grammar Apps For Android & iOS


English is a funny language, as you might have heard. But it becomes more fun to others if you make slip-ups. No one expects you to be Shashi Tharoor, but your basics should be strong.

Say, if you are on a date and you are complimenting the person. You say, “Your beautiful…” The other person, astonished at their choice of date, would either correct you in their minds or say upfront that it’s “you are.”

That would be extremely embarrassing for anyone and I am sure you wouldn’t want that. It isn’t just about dates; any form of communication in the English language requires accurate grammar, and if you missed your classes in high school or college, you know where to start!

Best English Grammar Apps

The age of the internet has made every one of us writers. Be it caption for social media posts or writing feedback email – you’ve got to know the basic grammar which consists of accurate grammar, punctuation, syntax, and the knowledge of what you are speaking about.

You don’t have to enroll yourself in a university-level course, because the internet is here to help you. Apart from reading books, being curious about every new word, and watching English content, you can try some of the best English grammar apps for Android & iOS.

I have listed 11 of them and a bonus application which is a need of the hour for every language enthusiast. Scroll below to find more about these apps.

1. YouTube

Best English Grammar Apps

YouTube is the hub of learning, a virtual institute if you must. Millions of people around the globe use YouTube to learn new skills, that too by being a couch potato.

It’s a platform where everyone can make videos and give their expertise. Be it knitting, learning maths, or understanding complex grammar tenses. And as you might know, YouTube is completely free.

Some great YouTube channels aim to improve English and its various aspects. Some of the channels are – Speak English With Mr. Duncan, Jennifer ESL, EnglishClass101.com, On the GO with EF, and Rachel’s English.

I’ve kept YouTube on the top as it’s highly accessible and you’ll only need a device with an active internet connection.

Android | iOS

2. Mondly

Best English Grammar Apps

Mondly is a great application that focuses on aspects of language learning. Said aspects include reading, writing, reading, grammar, speaking, etc.

No matter which level you are studying at, Mondly will cater to all of them. The app adapts itself to suit your educational needs.

The best part about this app is the use of augmented reality (AR). This opens many doors. AR will enhance the learning experience as it lets you interact with teachers and chatbots that help you truly understand English.

Add to that the ability to learn pronunciations and the app becomes near perfect. The app is capable of preparing you for real-life situations.

Android | iOS

3. LearnEnglish Grammar (UK ed.)

Best English Grammar Apps

British Council is a spectacular tool when it comes to learning every aspect of the English language. The grammar accuracy of the app is spot on. Learners of all levels can take advantage of this app.

With 1,000+ practice questions and 600+ grammar activities, the app can keep you productively busy for a while. Not just these activities, the app has other unique tasks to help you understand English.

The app is divided into 25 grammar topics, which is great for those who wish to browse only a few specific aspects. With the help of files in Chinese, Arabic, Italian, etc., and instructional images, the app becomes an easy recommendation for non-native English speakers.

Android | iOS

4. English Verbs

Best English Grammar Apps

Verbs are an essential foundation of grammar and if you dismiss them, you’ll never understand English. If you know the verb conjugation and various types of verbs, English will make you feel at home.

English Verb acts as your guide to most-used verbs that make English an easy language. It also includes regular and irregular verb forms. The spotlight feature of the app is translating verbs into Russian, Spanish, Japanese, German, etc.

This is a great app that will open doors of opportunities if your want to make a career out of piling words together.

Android | iOS

5. Oxford Grammar and Punctuation

Best English Grammar Apps

Oxford is a doyen when it comes to grammar. As the name is self-explanatory, you’ll get to know 250+ grammar and punctuation rules. Yes, over 250! But the English language needs that amount of knowledge.

With extensive examples, easy verbiage, and lessons that make learning fun – Oxford Grammar and Punctuation will hone your language skills. I suggest you opt for the supplementary lessons that will further help you with the English language.

The app features OCR, which lets you look up words when using your phone’s camera. The worst part about the developers nowadays is including a paid tier, as the same is with this listicle.

If you plan on purchasing the full version, you’ll get zero advertisements, offline supports, and a few other features that other apps on this list has.


6. Grammarly Keyboard

Best English Grammar Apps

Grammarly is a well-known English language tool that corrects you while typing. A web service is an amazing tool that can assist seasoned writers and amateurs alike. Even if you can’t access the service on a phone (using desktop mode solves the issue), its keyboard is equally good.

The app’s auto-correct feature corrects your grammar as you keep on typing. So, what exactly does the app do? Grammarly Keyboard will recommend misspellings, Vern form, commas, easily confused words, and some common mistakes.

Keep in mind that this is a new app, so don’t expect too much. With some annoying bugs and the missing gesture typing, the Grammarly keyboard is still an excellent tool for quick help.

Android | iOS

7. Grammaropolis

Best English Grammar Apps

Grammaropolis makes grammar quite effective and easy. Young people can enjoy grammar while understanding how critical the aspects are. Songs, books, games, and instructional videos will give you great command over accurate grammar.

The app is essentially free, but it bows down to services that cost monthly and annual messages. If you want a subscription, then put all your money on the one-time subscription plan.


8. FluentU

Best English Grammar Apps

FluentU lets you immerse in the various aspects of Beautiful language. You can master the English language without feeling the burden to do so. With real-world videos, inspiring talks, news, movie trailers, everything will be the same again.

Music videos are still unparalleled. The best thing about the app is the natural approach to understand our language and culture. The application will make you feel as if you are ready to speak in real life.

The best part about the app is interactive captions, which help snatch meaty roles. Even though there are lots of apps that let you see definitions of various words, FluentU stays on top, thanks to splendid examples along with images.

Android | iOS

9. English Grammar Book

Best English Grammar Apps

As the name suggests, English Grammar Book is a comprehensive app that borrows the textbook-style design so that users feel right at home. If you are a beginner and don’t want to pay, this app is excellent for anything you throw at it.

The app’s 138 topics cover various grammar lessons which are grouped by nouns, verbs, punctuation, conditionals, etc. If you want to speak fluent English, then try the easy lessons first as opposed to moving on to the next level.

With tests and quizzes, you earn points and some knowledge. Bookmark any topic to pick up where you left off. If you are someone who wants a feel of textbooks, then this is the app for you!

Android | iOS

10. English Grammar Ultimate

Best English Grammar Apps

If you want an app to use as a reference tool, then English Grammar Ultimate is an amazing choice. Detailed grammar coverage with examples, definitions, etc. makes this app a must-have.

You’ll also see some follow-up questions that aim to test your understanding of the topics. The app believes in making complex problems more understanding will easy lessons. They include direct and indirect speech, auxiliary verbs, plurals, capitalization, quantified, etc.

Don’t know the difference between ‘have to’ and ‘must.’ Then you don’t need to look any further as this app has the potential to become an ultimate grammar reference. If you want more than accurate grammar, the app’s essay writing, rules of capitalization, phonetics, etc. then the app should be your only choice.


11. Mad Libs

Best English Grammar Apps

Mad Libs is a well-known grammar and word game. In the games, you invest in apps and books.  Multiplayer enables the app to let a friend of yours list words to replace for blanks. With various clues, your challenge is to insert parts of speech into a sentence.

Isn’t that a great feature? Well, you can also create your own rules with weird sentences. The games are easy, intuitive, and can be played by a person of any age. Be it for your kids or brushing up your grammar, Mad Libs is an excellent choice.

Android | iOS

Bonus: Oxford Dictionary of English

Best English Grammar Apps

If you want to learn English, then having a dictionary by your side is a must and no-brainer. The Oxford Dictionary of English comes with more than 150 years of research. As it is globally accepted as the biggest power of studying and refers to the English language.

With this app, students can prepare for ACT, IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, etc. exams. Be it personal or academic use, this app helps students achieve universal-level courses. Not just teachers, students who prepare for the said exams get an upper hand.

Overall,  the app is excellent for those who are looking for authoritative and inn detail guides. The current new version features the 2020 word database in conjunction with 75,000+ Audio dictionaries. If you are serious about building your vocabulary, then the app’s Word-of-the-day – will expand your vocabulary word by word every day.

Android | iOS


Which is the best English grammar app?

The question is vague, so answering that is quite hard. If you mean an app that might improve your English Grammar, then YouTube, Grammarly Keyboard, dictionary, etc. will help you get better at speaking and writing the language.

What are some of the best sites to improve my English vocabulary?

Vocabulary.com, PowerVocab, 7 Little Words, Word to Word, Words with Friends, Penny Dell Crosswords, Magoosh Vocabulary Builder, any dictionary, etc. are some of the best sites that will help you level up your word game.

Is there an app or service that can help me with my English grammar and punctuation?

Yes, there are many apps and services to assist you in writing accurate and clear English. Grammarly takes the cake for being the best service to correct you, or what I refer to as my virtual teacher. ProWritingAid is another service to help you with everything English.

Which is the best free English grammar app?

YouTube is your best bet to learn anything new, pouring little to no money. You can also check out specific Oxford applications that aim at various aspects of the English language.

How do I improve my vocabulary?

To improve your vocabulary for English or any other language, follow the rules –

  • Become a voracious reader. Read everything and anything.
  • Be curious about words.
  • Always use a dictionary when you come across a new word.
  • Use flashcards for easy learning.
  • Watch English content, interviews.
  • Google any doubt you have or call your teacher (if you can!)
  • Play word games.
  • Put new words in your sentences.
  • ‘Word of the day’ feeds are extremely useful.
  • Use mnemonics.


These are the 11 best English grammar apps for Android & iOS. Learning to speak and write accurate English grammar can be a huge challenge, especially if you aren’t a native speaker, but the World Wide Web is a great place to learn literally everything!

The reason our teachers gave us homework for English was to practice and apply those complex rules in our day-to-day life activities. I did not take English seriously until I started reading books in 2016. And 3 years later, I became a content writer.

Not everyone aspires to that, but if you plan to do anything, consistency will take you there. Keep in mind that any non-human service is 100% accurate, they will suggest changes that might change the meaning of the sentence you want to have.

That being said, all the aforementioned apps are worthy of your time and money. So, use them and avoid mistakes that might mar your reputation.

What do you think of apps that teach you grammar? Have you ever used any grammar-checking apps? If yes, how was your experience? I am all ears in the comment section below.

I am an ambivert, an avid reader, a movie buff, a tea connoisseur, and a staunch fan of Priyanka Chopra Jonas. I like to give my insights through words, which come naturally to me. They also help me to express the myriads of emotions I go through. When not working, I'm either watching the latest tech videos or flipping through pages.