15 Best Discord Alternatives that You Might Like

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Discord is one of the most popular platforms that enabled gamers and various other communities to meet online. It allows users to create multiple channels within the server itself. Well, there are plenty of others that offer the same functionalities as Discord. Similar to Discord, they also let you set up a chat room and invite people to the server through a link, once in, you can either text or voice chat with other people using that server. Moreover, when playing with friends, you can discuss different strategies through one private server while also being a part of several other servers.

Best Discord Alternatives

In this article, we’ll be discussing 15 Best Discord alternatives that you’ll definitely like. So without any further ado, let’s take a quick look at these amazing communication platforms.

1. Troop Messenger

Best Discord Alternatives

Troop Messenger is one of the best business communication platforms that is specifically known for offering exceptional features related to team communication and collaboration. It allows managers and team members to delegate tasks, give instructions, share ideas, and many other things that are required for effective team communication. You can even share your current location with your boss, directly make a call to the contacts in your list, and catch up with your colleagues instantly. 

Download Troop Messenger

2. TeamSpeak

Best Discord Alternatives

TeamSpeak comes with some of the most advanced features and codecs including echo cancellation, automatic microphone adjustment, and advanced noise reduction. It allows you to name your contacts as well as grant different levels of access permissions. What makes this communication platform stand out is its ability to allow users to customize some of its features including the chat options and security settings. Moreover, it includes an IRC style text chat with text formatting and emoticons that are indeed amazing to use. 

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3. Slack

Slack not only offers real-time messaging but also includes intelligent search functionalities. Just type out any keyword and the software will automatically generate the best suitable results. The best part is that this software also supports direct or private messages from one team member to another. Other features include file uploads, unlimited channel and team creation, unlimited team member invites, archiving, and internal search. Moreover, users can view files shared on those platforms or download them for later use.

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4. HeySpace

Best Discord Alternatives

HeySpace is an effective task management tool that will help you create tasks based on your conversations. You can send 1-to-1 messages, group messages and even use @mentions to directly call attention. To create detailed tasks, you can use tags, indicate progress, set due dates and assignees, and attach documents and images. Moreover, it has the ability to frequently send a notification to your teammates through badges, push notification, emails, and that your team members will never miss out on important information. 

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5. Overtone

Best Discord Alternatives

If you like making new friends while playing through chat, then this app is for you. It allows you to make new friends in groups that are built around the games and topics you find interesting. Party leaders can set up and launch games for their whole team, there’s absolutely no need for no external client launchers. Moreover, you can totally trust this platform as it is built on VIVOX which is the most reliable voice platform in the gaming world. 

Download Overtone

6. Microsoft Teams

Best Discord Alternatives

Microsoft Teams is indeed the best alternative to Discord as it not only offers full video conferencing services but also equips essential tools that would help foster collaboration among your employees. Some of its key features are meeting notes, webinar recordings, polls and surveys, screen sharing, and whiteboards. What makes it appealing is its ability to allow users to create polls and surveys during a meeting so that they can gather feedback. Also, it is compatible with cameras, microphones, displays, and speakers.

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7. Flock

Best Discord Alternatives

Flock is an amazing communication platform and is trusted by businesses of all sizes. It provides a messaging channel for teams everywhere which means you get a smooth chatting experience. You can also seamlessly integrate with other apps⁠ such as Trello, Google Drive, Asana, Dropbox, MailChimp, etc.⁠ Moreover, it comes with some exceptional built-in features such as group discussions, polls, shared to-dos that would definitely help you collaborate with your employees with ease.

Download Flock

8. Skype

Best Discord Alternatives

Skype is one of the most popular free video chat and communication platforms that comes equipped with incredible features. It offers ample of communications channels that will help encourage collaboration with your colleagues. A total of 250 people can come into a Skype conference. It is compatible with MS Office tools including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and has the ability to integrate with many third-party business apps. Moreover, it also ensures extreme security via strong authentication and encryption measures.

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9. RaidCall

Best Discord Alternatives

You should check out RaidCall if you haven’t used voice chat before as it is a very innovative software. It allows its users to create their own groups and gives them total control over group name, messages of the day, channel layouts, and channel permissions. Just create a RaidCall account and you’ll get access to everything equipped within the RaidCall window. Moreover, every group is categorized into multiple channels and subchannels.

Download RaidCall

10. Google Hangouts

Best Discord Alternatives

Google Hangouts is another that comes with amazing features that are only available via a business G Suite account. In order to use Google Hangouts Chat, you must have a G Suite subscription as well as an account, which is basically a business-grade account. It is best for those who mostly work in email, as they can simply keep Gmail as their primary window and then pop open the Hangouts Chat rooms and messages.

Download Google Hangouts

11. Steam Chat

Steam Chat is a free voice and text chat system that includes some of the most amazing features including customizable notifications, rich chat, group Chats, and many more. It has two primary features, text chat between individuals and groups, and voice chat between individuals and groups. Group Chats can have You can create multiple text channels within group chats to organize conversations about different topics, and multiple voice channels so that every member of the group can focus on various different games.

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12. Ventrilo

Best Discord Alternatives

Ventrilo is a robust and useful communication tool that offers an online tutorial the moment you log in to introduce you with the basics of connecting to a new server. If you want you can spend on setting up your own server for up to eight people. You can even join the chat and communicate via text and complete with text-to-speech as a checkable option. Moreover, you’ll need the hostname or IP address, port number, and password to add a server.

Download Ventrilo

13. Viber

Best Discord Alternatives

Viber is a very popular communication platform that lets you share mages, video audio, location, and other digital documents with ease. It supports encrypted communication and works for text messages, photos and videos, group chats, and on voice/video calls. Moreover, you can check your chats for the end-to-end encryption alert and block messages from someone that seems suspicious.

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14. Mumble


Mumble is an amazing VoIP application that provides its users with additional functionality with scripts making use of server APIs. For gamers, there are two key features- In-game Overlay where you can see who is talking, FPS, and the current time; Positional audio where you can hear the players from where they are located in-game. Moreover, it allows users to authenticate against an existing user database.

Download Mumble

15. Tox

Best Discord Alternatives

Tox Chat allows its users to set up topic-based group chats, share their screens and any files, and have video and voice chatting for free. With Tox Chat, you also have direct connections to one another which are mainly distributed through the Peer to Peer (P2P) network and thus allows you to video and voice chat, send files, talk to friends and strangers in chat rooms, and message their family. Moreover, it is available for different platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Download Tox


Is TeamSpeak better than discord?

Teamspeak is the most admired and the most used VOIP for gamers.

Why is discord so good?

Discord supports video calls, voice chat, text, and offers some amazing search functionalities. 

Is mumble free?

You can instantly get a free Mumble Server for 50 slots. 


So this was all about best Discord alternatives that you must try as they offer a wide array of chat options. Some of these even allow gamers to communicate and strategize with friends mid-game, which is indeed amazing. They even allow users to share a single IP address and thereby make it harder for prying eyes to trace any sort of activity. 

Which one are you going to use for communicating with your friends/colleagues? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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