5 Best Apps like Phonepe(iPhone & Android)

Best Apps like Phonepe

Online transactions are the most convenient means to make payments, especially in a time where every other thing involves the use of gadgets. Digital payment wallets have made it feasible for users to make instant safe digital payments right from their smartphone. Phonepe is among the most popular money transfer platforms in India that offer multiple payment methods including card-on-delivery, internet banking, or payment by credit and debit cards. 

Apps like Phonepe

Well, similar to Phonepe, there are many apps that allow you to transfer money between any two individuals’ bank accounts without any hassle. However, in order to acquaint you with the most suitable one, we’ve listed the top 5 Best Apps like Phonepe below in this article that will help you make cashless transactions within seconds.

 Take a look at these apps and decide on which one you’d like to have on your device. 

1. Google Pay

Best Apps like Phonepe

Since its launch, Google Pay has gained tremendous popularity for making online transactions. It uses a world-class security system to protect your payment information where each transaction is secured with UPI PIN and therefore detects fraud and hacking to its extreme level. There’s a QR code scanner equipped within the app that lets you shop your favorite offline neighborhood businesses with ease. Download this app as it’s way more secure than using your card or cash.

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2. Paytm

Best Apps like Phonepe

Paytm lets you directly transfer money to another customer’s bank account by UPI transfers. You can check your bank balance of any of your linked bank accounts instantly within this app. If you’ve insurance premium plans, you can pay them easily here. You can earn reward points by using your credit cards to load money in Paytm Wallet and even avail of cashback on most of the stores. Moreover, you can use QR code scanners at a majority of retail stores, restaurants, petrol pumps, etc.

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3. Amazon Pay

Best Apps like Phonepe

Amazon Pay is a convenient digital money app that lets you pay directly from your bank account for online shopping, recharges, bill payments, and various other purposes. With this app, you can get a GST invoice and save up to 28% on all of your business purchases. Here, you can manage all your payment methods by editing a particular payment method or adding a new credit or debit card to your account.

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4. Freecharge

Best Apps like Phonepe

Freecharge is another app like phonepe where you can send money, request money, pay at online and offline brands, scan & pay, or request money through UPI enabled QR codes. Here, you can open a Fixed Deposit in just three minutes and the best part is that there’s no penalty for premature withdrawal of a Fixed Deposit of up to 25%. You even get amazing discounts and cashback when you transact using this app.

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Best Apps like Phonepe

BHIM gives you access to a range of online transactions including your mobile number, bank account, VPA or through a QR code. The cumulative value of transactions within this app is limited to Rs 40,000 for a 24 hour period. The login here expires after 90 seconds in order to minimize fraudulent activities. As for VPN, you can easily create one by either entering your name or phone number, once done, you’ll no longer be asked to enter your account details for making cashless transactions. 

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Is Google Pay Safe?

Yes, Google Pay is totally safe as all your transactions are secured within the apps’ servers. 

Is Paytm Chinese company?

Paytm is owned by the Indian company One97 Communications Ltd., however, it does have funding from Ant Financials, which in turn is a part of China’s Alibaba group.

Is Bhim app safe?

BHIM app uses three-factor authentication and therefore is safe to use. 


So this was the list of top 5 best Apps like Phonepe that will let you make instant payment safely. Download these apps and the rest will be handled by the web and database servers. All in all all, they are very efficient and great to have on your device. 

Which one is it you’re going to download? Let us know in the comment section below.

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