10 Amazing Apps Like Whisper to Discover Secrets Around You

Amazing Apps Like Whisper to Discover Secrets Around You

Do you have something to vent out and need advice? This article will guide you through it. If you’re depressed or suffering from anxiety and want to talk to someone who can advise you, a secret-chatting app can help you find suitable people virtually to whom you can confess freely. Whisper is a known name when it comes to chatting anonymously, however, there are many other apps like Whisper that link you with the best people in your locality. You can put out everything that’s on your mind with people around the world through these apps. 

What is whisper app?

Whisper is an anonymous chatting and media sharing app that helps you find like-minded people in your locality. Here, you can chat without revealing your true identity. It’s a great platform where you can share opinions, secrets, confessionals, daily life experiences, and much more confidently.

So let us now take a quick look at the list of 10 amazing apps like whisper that will help you share your secrets virtually with genuine people.

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10. Rooit

Amazing Apps Like Whisper to Discover Secrets Around You

Rooit has allowed 500,000 people to connect with each other in the safest way possible. Here, you can join BAR, SCHOOL, LGBTQ chat rooms and make connections with like-minded people instantly. To make your conversations more interesting, the app offers you to play games, personality tests, and quizzes with friends. You can even make use of special props and game points to enhance your conversation.

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9. Moco

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With Moco, you get the chance to make friends and even hangout with them if you’re nearby to each other. There’s chat rooms that have more than 1000 people to talk with, you’ll just need to enter a chat room. Chat rooms here are categorized into public, private and group chats, which also includes video calls and voice messages. You can even filter people by age, gender, location, sexual preference including gays and lesbians and more.

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8. Connected2.me

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Connected2.me is an exciting app that lets users create a profile, chat with friends anonymously, and meet random people from all over the world. Once you’re connected here, you’ll chat with people with a nickname and not reveal their real identity. You can safely confess your feelings, thoughts, emotions and secrets with your friends. Download this app from the link below and start enjoying a free random chat.

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7. MeetMe

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As the name says, MeetMe will let you find people who share the same interests as you. You can start chatting with them once you register yourself within the app and don’t worry, your identity will remain anonymous. As of now, more than 100 million people have already made new friends. Once you’re into this app, you can start video chatting, messaging, streaming right away. 

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6. Jodel

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Jodel provides you a safe zone to connect with your friends and is specifically meant for the student community. Here, you can send a jodel, a post/message that is visible to people who live nearby and thereby allow you to connect with them in the most interactive way. The app will send you notifications as important news breaks so that you know everything that’s happening around you. 

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5. Chatous

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Chatous allows you to make real connections irrespective of where you are. You can share your photos with the one you chat and light up the conversation even more. Here, you can find people who are interested in similar topics by using a specific hashtag. All the messages, conversations, and other activity will be automatically synced to the apps’ web platform. 

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4. Vent – Express yourself freely

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The name itself says it all, you can vent everything that’s going inside your mind with someone who you think can connect. The entire community here is filled with people who are ready to listen to what you have to say and believe in providing support all the time. If you want, you can even make friends and chat with them privately in real time and that too without disclosing your personal information. 

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3. Friend Shoulder

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Here, you’ll always have a friend to talk with. Friend Shoulder lets you meet new virtual friends to which you can interact anonymously. You can ask them for advice and share your emotions if you feel like venting it out. All in all, this app is full of loving people who are ready to give advice anytime. So download this app and connect to some of the most understanding people virtually. 

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2. ASKfm

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On ASKfm, you can ask your friends about anything. You’ll get reliable answers within a moment. You can see the questions your friends have already answered or answer questions that other people have sent you. Here, you can earn ASK coins by sending open questions to your friends. The best part is that you can get your answers in about 40 languages and feel connected instantly. All in all, this app is a safe place where you can express yourself freely.

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Kik is the most popular app that lets you have conversations with like minded people instantly. Here, you can chat anonymously, find random mates, join groups, and do a lot of other interesting stuff. Based on your conversations, you get 15 free conversations daily to meet new people and pick a total of five filters to find people with similar interests. you can have bots to chat if you want to disconnect from the real humans for a while. You can even disconnect from the real humans and chat with bots for a while.

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Are there any apps like whisper?

Yes, the one that are mentioned in this article come with the same functionalities as Whisper.

What is the best anonymous chat app?

Kik is one of the best anonymous chat apps. You can safely chat there


So this was all about 10 Amazing Apps Like Whisper to Discover Secrets Around You. With these apps, you can discover new friends virtually. Expressing yourself anonymously through words and pictures is a real thing with these apps. So download one and confess your emotions to those who can understand. 

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