15 Apps like Offerup to Buy and Sell Locally


Do you have items with you that didn’t work out and are looking for a platform that can help you sell them? If yes then this article will guide you with the same.

Why waste time and money on something that you think rather can be obtained easily through other means, right?

With the advent of apps that let you sell your product without much effort, the cost of furnishing a new place with essential items has significantly reduced.

When talking about such apps, the most popular one in recent time is Offerup that lets you buy and sell your used as well as new items with ease.

Apps like Offerup to Buy and Sell Locally

Well, there are various other apps like Offerup to which you can invest your time for selling and buying goods. Check them out below.

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1. Shpock

Apps like Offerup to Buy and Sell Locally

Buying and selling second-hand products is a complete joy with Shpock. Through this app, you’ll be able to connect to the best local buyers in your neighborhood with ease.

To list a product, you’ll just have to upload a photo or two, a description, a price, and your product will be up for buying.

The best part about this app is that you can choose from lots of delivery options including contactless door-to-door couriers.

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2. Poshmark

Apps like Offerup to Buy and Sell Locally

Poshmark is a great platform where you can buy and sell new and used clothes, shoes, accessories, and household goods.

Here, you can buy products at a rate much lower than the retail price.

You can even find some unique listings like vintage dresses, antique dishware, and even jewelry.

By using the “make an offer” button, shoppers can start open negotiations with sellers.

You will also come across amazing deals on brands like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, MAC Cosmetics, and many more. 

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3. Carousell

Apps like Offerup to Buy and Sell Locally

Carousell is an amazing platform that lets you buy and sell almost everything. You can easily offer your preloved items for sale on this app.

All you’ve to do is snap, list, and sell and you’re good to go. After that, you can share your listings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp, and many others.

If you want, you can even switch to the apps’ subscription service that gives you access to a premium suite of tools that will eventually support business branding and operations.

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4. 5miles

Apps like Offerup to Buy and Sell Locally

As the name says, 5miles will bring a smile to your face once you sell a product through this app.

You can discover classifieds in your area and start selling products right away.

To sell, you’ll have to snap a photo and provide a few details about your product and it will be out for sale within seconds.

You can even use its boost feature to move your listings to the top of the feed and that too for free of charge.

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5. VarageSale

VarageSale is a safe virtual garage that makes everyone go through a manual review process before they buy or sell anything to ensure utmost safety.

Every buyer/seller will have to connect their Facebook profiles to this app to continue its services.

It lets users browse local classifieds listings on the feed and opt for a personalized shopping experience.

One thing is for sure with this app that you’ll not come across any scammers while shopping.

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6. eBay Classifieds

You might have used eBay and did you know it comes with a classifieds section, if not then you must take a look at it.

This section lets you search for local sales to find items you can pick up from a neighbor or from a local nearby.

It uses your location and suggests items that are available close to your residence.

That way, you can directly get in touch with the seller and discuss everything about the product hassle-free.

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7. Selio

Apps like Offerup to Buy and Sell Locally

Selio is another great alternative to Offerup that lets you buy and sell products at the best price.

You can negotiate the final price of an item directly via the app.

Once finalized, you can buy things from your local area instantly.

There’s a private chat option where you can talk freely to the seller without revealing your contact information or email id.

It is indeed a great app where you can sell things right from your smartphone. 

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8. SocialSell

Apps like Offerup to Buy and Sell Locally

SocialSell is a great app where you can make some extra money selling your used items.

You can easily list your items for sale, shop items, and deals near you for sale, contact buyers and sellers through direct messaging, email, calling, and texting.

Your products will be displayed on social media sites and that you’ll earn great profiles for the products you sell. 

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9. Listia

Listia will let you earn for things you don’t use anymore by making them available for sale.

From DVDs to Cell Phones, you can sell everything here.

You can buy stuff for yourself from other members or the Listia Rewards store.

Snap a photo of the item you wish to sell, create auctions, and offer it for sale. The app will also notify you when a product you want is about to end.

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10. TradeMade

Apps like Offerup to Buy and Sell Locally

TradeMade is quite different from other apps in the sense that it is basically a trade and barter app where you can advertise your items or services in exchange for said items or services.

Here you’ll have to upload an item by snapping a photo, writing a short description, and even filter items by distance, category, Facebook Friends.

As for a meetup, you can organize one by chatting through this app.

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11. Mercari

Mercari makes the process of selling simply as it will provide you with all the tools required to advertise and ship your product.

You can sell everything here from sporting goods to electronics.

The app guarantees your money back if you don’t get the product as described on the list which is really rare with apps like these.

Also, the listing is free within this app, and that it only charges for when your sale gets completed.

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12. TagHawk

 TagHawk is another app like offerup that lets you buy and sell items within your community with ease.

Here, you can find local sellers and buyers in your community which can be either your building, university, neighborhood, club, or interest group.

To organize a meetup, you can easily chat with your seller within this app. 

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 13. Decluttr

 Decluttr makes the selling process super fun as the process involved in selling a particular product is easy and quick.

The app has already been trusted by over  4 million customers worldwide.

In order to sell, all you’ve to do is scan the barcodes on your CDs, DVDs, Games, and Books and enter the details of the product to get an instant offer price.

You’ll get paid instantly once your product is delivered to the customer. 

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14. LetGo


LetGo is the best alternative to Offerup that includes great local deals, from second-hand phones, fashion, sneakers, and games to furniture, cars, and even real estate.

What makes this app rank at the top of our list is its amazing ability to auto-fill your ads which means that you’ll get them posted instantly.

To sell a particular item, you’ll have to scan it via the apps’ scanner and the rest will be done by the app itself including the description of the product you want to sell. 

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15. Recycler

Recycler is an amazing platform where you can buy and sell vehicles, rental properties, and many other stuff.

Navigating through listings within this app is super easy and also communicating with the seller is very convenient here.

You can directly contact your seller and negotiate the price of a product that you want to sell.


Which selling app is best?

Letgo is considered the largest and fastest-growing marketplace app.

Is eBay Classifieds free?

Yes, eBay Classifieds is available for free. 

Is OfferUp or Letgo better?

As far as the number of users are concerned, Letgo has double the number of users compared to OfferUp. 


So this was our list of 15 apps like Offerup to buy and sell locally that will offer you a chance to make money without much of an investment.

Based on your location, the goods will be listed accordingly so that the selling process becomes more feasible.

All in all, these apps are a great way to sell your products at an amazing value. 

Which one is it that you’re going to use for selling your stuff? Comment down below. 

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