10 Wonderful Apps for Instagram Stories

Instagram stories can be fun and intuitive when crafted with creative tools.

Well, who doesn’t want an eye-catching and engaging Instagram story, but to create one -you should have a platform who can provide you with all the required tools. 

And when we talk about a platform, we have already compiled a list of the best ones for you.

From graphics to retouching, you can do anything and everything with these apps and make your Instagram Stories shine even brighter. 

1. Canva


Canva hosts thousands of professionally designed templates which you can directly equip within your Instagram stories to make it look more aesthetic.

It allows you to add and edit elements such as text, shapes, frames, lines, icons and charts into your frame without much effort.

The best part, you don’t need to log in to use the apps’ services, just download the app and you’ll be free to choose from its wide variety of premade templates.

They all come in correct dimensions and are perfect for Instagram stories. 

Android | iOS

2. Unfold


Launched with clean and intuitive templates, Unfold has become one of the most popular template apps for Instagram Stories.

From cute layered polaroids to super neat frames, the app offers templates for every brand.

It offers a range of slick designs that you can use to make your video, boomerang or image look professional.

And you can also preview your story with “Story mode” before hitting the “post” button which allows you to see how your stories will appear on Instagram.

Android | iOS

3. Story Maker

Story Maker

Story Maker includes tons of interesting templates for you to create beautiful stories – just so that you can share them with your audiences in an instant.

Resizing and cropping existing videos and photos in order to fit the Instagram Stories aspect ratio is quite challenging sometimes but with Story Maker, you can do all of that in a matter of a few clicks.

It also offers a cascade of interesting layouts and texts that you can use to make your Insta stories look more beautiful.

And once you’re done curating your story, you can export it in high quality with decent speed.


4. StoryLab


As the name says, Story Lab is a hub to intuitive Insta story templates, animated stories and highlight cover icons so that you can come up with beautiful IG collage layouts and stories.

Besides, the app is very easy to use – just select a story or feed template, then choose a photo or video from your camera roll and edit it with Instagram filter, text and stickers and here you’ll be ready with an aesthetic Insta story.

If you want, you can even create your own animated template by using the hype text animation feature.


5. Instories


Instories is one of the best story creators for Instagram – be it beginners or professionals, the apps’ intuitive interface provides you with finished editing tools that are indeed very easy to work with.

The app will give you all the sources that you’ll need to edit and publish your stories on Instagram, that too, in the most accurate format.

It will also let you create professional videos from its wide collection of Instagram themes and pic collages. Further – stylish and intricate fonts, exciting animations, amazing video effects, music will add practicality to your Insta stories.

Android | iOS

6. MoArt


MoArt Video editor is a very convenient tool used to customize Insta stories with the help of  intuitive templates, text animation & beautiful layouts.

It provides you with background images, including color, ocean, sky and plant textures which you can directly add to your Insta stories.

Not only stories, you can even create your own templates, flyers, posters, logo creator, ads page, banner within this app.

You can choose from a variety of music options and add them right away to your story. 


7. Storybeat


‘Storybeat’ – the name itself says it all. Storybeat lets you add music of every genre including pop, rock, rap, reggaeton, trap, electronic, R&B, country, and more to your videos or photos within a few taps.

The app introduces a new music library every week – meaning, you’ll always have something of your interest to add to your videos.

Add that’s not it, you can even add your voice or any sound over a photo or video which is something that can’t be found easily on other platforms.

Further, with the help of a boomerang effect, you can convert your Live Photos into a video and even add music to it.

Android | iOS

8. StoryChic


StoryChic is packed with easy and powerful tools that come with the ability to elevate your social stories with templates.

With StoryChic, you can make your stories stand out on social media with super robust editing features.

You can even portray your mood with 100+ text styles and customize the same with interesting fonts, colors, borders and all advanced tools.

The best part, it allows you to add your own logo styles which can prove beneficial to your brand.

Android | iOS

9. Tuval


Tuval lets you create amazing stories and posts for free – all you have to do is select a template from the apps’ vast collection of templates and you’ll have your stories stand out from others.

By using the apps’ intuitive set of templates, you can make your content more cohesive by portraying your Insta story more decidedly.

Within this app, you can choose your preferred layout from hundreds of special templates and publish them directly within seconds.

Android | iOS

10. Inspiry


Inspiry is yet another Insta story maker app that lets you create beautiful instagram collage layouts which you can share to your IG story effortlessly.

Among 100 templates in categories: grid, minimal, business, gradient, film, VHS, paper, plastic, art, typography are the most powerful ones.

You can pick from the apps’ stylish fonts, customize them by changing their text size, kerning, line spacing, alignment and upload them as per your convenience.



Which is the best app for Insta stories?

Above mentioned apps are some of the best Insta stories apps that come with exceptional editing features that will ultimately make your IG story distinctive. 

How do I make my Instagram stories attractive?

By using IG story maker apps, you can make your Instagram stories attractive and unique from others. 


This was all for the list of 10 Wonderful Apps for instagram stories.

With these apps, you can easily change the aspect ratios of your photos and videos and even resize and crop it to fit the size dimensions of Instagram Stories.  

So create super eye-catching content with these apps and get your brand on trend right now!

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