Android users will soon get improved call quality

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Several factors can affect the quality of a voice call. Cellular coverage is one of them, and then there is also hardware where the placement, type, and quality of the microphone and software could digitally clean up background noise to deliver more transparent sound.

It is reported that Google is working on a new “clear calling” feature that can reduce background noise during calls. This will be a software update, suggesting that anyone using an Android device eligible for the update will benefit from it. You will get the update regardless of your phone model or brand.

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Mishaal Rahman, a Senior Technical Editor for Esper, initially reported that the feature would work for ‘most mobile networks,’ which again means that more people can benefit from the change as it isn’t a hardware-based update.

This will hugely benefit users who do not use earphones or Bluetooth earbuds when making calls.

Many Bluetooth headsets provide similar features. So, this update might not be for them, but nonetheless, this is a direction in the right way.

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