22 Advantages of Technology

Apart from continuous social media scrolling...

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We are in 2022, and my best guess is that everyone aware of how the world works know about technology.

‘Technology’ is a term with various meanings but has the same understanding.

You are currently using more than one form of technology to read this article: a cellular network or Wi-Fi, a device that supports either technology, a browser that has loaded this page, and probably more.

Most of you already know the basic understanding of technology or how it works.

Technology helps someone plant a garden, cook food, get proper medical care, sleep at night, travel from destination a to z, reach our goals, and even breathe if there’s an additional oxygen requirement.

Most tasks that we process require technology, so it somehow adds value to human life.

But, when you think of it, we can’t immediately outline the advantages of technology. It sure is deeply imbued in our lives, but what does it excel at?

Some of you could be parents hesitating to hand over a device to a teenager, or you are getting to know what technology is.

So, this article will help you list down the advantages of technology that we have become used to or have to ignore.

Before we get to the advantages, let’s see the core concept of technology.

What is Technology?

When asked what technology is to them, most people think of sci-fi shows or the advancement human lives have seen these many decades.

Many think that the core concept of technology is complex, and it could be if you are studying anything related to the term, but overall, it is everywhere.

Google defines technology in 3 ways:

  • “The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.”
  • “Machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge.”
  • “The branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied sciences.”

In short, whenever we use our scientific knowledge to achieve some specific purpose, we’re utilizing technology.

The technology could be a piece of hardware or perceivable things. Which means it could be abundantly easy or dazzlingly complicated to understand.

We are sociable with the products that make our modern life easier, including smartphones, computers, hair-dryers, or even our door-bell.

These are simply referred to as electronics, and they use electric circuits to achieve a goal.

Anything that runs on electricity is electronic and deploys a form of technology.

Technology can also be split into types that serve a purpose. Some examples are medical technology, transportation technology, industrial and manufacturing technology, electronics technology, communications technology, agriculture and biotechnology, nuclear technology, construction technology, energy power technology, etc.

Advantages of Technology

Since it has evolved, the modern world we live in today makes maximum use of technology.

Living without gadgets and technology in a long shot is far-fetched mainly because many of us are dependent on it for our work.

No matter where you live or where you work, technology plays a crucial role in our life. The below-mentioned points will help you better understand the advantages of technology.

1. New cures and general improvement in the health sector

The number one advantage of technology is seen in the modern medical field.

Modern medicine and technology are inseparable.

To manufacture drugs safely in huge quantities, we use technology, which also meets the needs of those who require said drugs.

Not just producing medicines, technology is used to research the worst diseases in the world.

Thanks to advancements in medicines, AIDS can be treated with medications. So, HIV patients diagnosed on time won’t contract it.

Due to technology, we already have vaccinations for the COVID-19 virus and its various strains.

Without technology, our health sector will be back in ancient times.

2. Effective communication

The last time you video-called a COVID-positive friend has been possible due to technology.

But let us go back a bit.

When the Industrial Revolution progressed around the globe, people felt a need to enhance communication resources.

The main goal was that families, companies, and government could communicate with one another in a few steps.

This thinking led to the genesis of the telegraph, then land-line telephone – which metamorphosed into cell phones. That also includes satellite phones.

We have sent letters via post to emails and now direct messages (most commonly known as DMs).

Thank humanity that we embraced technology. If you think of it, Instagram is a trifling part of it.

3. It helps save time

I asked my parents how they navigated new cities or explored new places. They said they relied on asking people about the closest landmarks or paper maps.

Thank goodness we have Google Maps!

It has become our primary way to navigate a new place or even a country.

You can thank the development of technology for saving your time.

I can come up with many such examples.

As I mentioned in a few paragraphs above, I no more have to stand in line to pay my electricity bill.

Online shopping, booking movie and flight tickets, creating a dating profile, locating a gas station, booking hotel rooms are some of the day-to-day examples that showcase how technology has saved our time.

4. Remote learning

The year 2020 was uncertain for every one of us.

But we have endured almost two years of a global pandemic due to communication, therapy appointments, working from home, and learning from the comfort of our sofas.

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Students who were forced to sit at home due to the raging pandemic found a sigh of relief to learn or meet their chums.

A few years ago, getting an education meant the learner had to go to a school or university and read physical books.

Now, many of us are on our phones reading e-books on Kindle or learning Japanese on a Zoom session.

This makes for the less fortunate people to get a proper education.

Technology has made all the changes happen.

The advent of the Internet has made learning ubiquitous.

Now, tertiary education centers offer online courses and make way for remote learning.

5. Banking made easier

There was a time when money had to be stored in a physical location, be it in a bank locker or a locker at home.

This was done so that thieves couldn’t steal your money and better management.

Fast forward to 2022, money has two form factors – the physical form and the digital form.

The latter reduces the risk of physical theft, albeit the likelihood of online fraud exists.

The presence of banking technology means financial transactions like transferring money, opening/withdrawing an FD, or even transferring money abroad can be done entirely online.

There are innovative and easy banking apps that assist us in making informed financial decisions.

Encryption, passwords, secure codes, one-time passwords, etc., make banking safe and easy.

Moreover, fraudulent transactions can be easily traced owing to technology.

6. Access to more information

The advent of the Internet and the world wide web proved that it doesn’t take a village to get information.

Earlier, we relied heavily on letters and official communication methods. Today, a minister or a celebrity updates the world about their COVID-19 results or other information.

The Internet has proved to be an informational resource that lets us experience different cultures, ideas, perspectives from all over the globe.

Open any social media platform, and you’ll know there was a fire in California or that Pete Davidson is now dating Kim Kardashian.

In short, technology has opened millions of doors that let us obtain a wealth of knowledge.

Reading news on your iPhone while having your coffee or watching infotainment while on a sofa is all by virtue of technology.

7. More advancement in the travel sector

The Wright Brothers are the original inventors of airplanes in the early 1900s.

The invention – known to many as a miracle at that time – made way for helicopters or even flights such as Airbus A380, Boeing 777, etc.

Better roads, electric vehicles, and the invention of airplanes are due to the advancements in the traveling sector that utilized the developing technology.

The efficiency of electric vehicles is three to four times higher than that of diesel combustion engines.

I am giving electric bikes a thought, maybe a few years down the line.

Flying cars are now a thing, so it’s shaping up to be a great time.

Of course, we are talking about it because technology paved the way for it.

8. Making people productive

If you use technology in the way it intended to, you’ll end up being productive.

Technology has driven productivity for businesses which would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

Goods can now be produced swiftly due to advancements in manufacturing and assembly-line technology.

Even though many people have lost their jobs to machines, work has become faster and more productive.

Moreover, robots and machines have successfully cut down the cost of production; the output has also shot up.

When it comes to technology making us productive, mobile/computer applications are apt examples.

I have a to-do app, a clock app, an app that reminds me to take my dog on a walk, an e-book app, and hundreds more.

You can also learn a new language by going to YouTube and searching for related videos.

9. Cheaper products

As mentioned in the earlier segment, machines have replaced humans, but it has shot up productivity as individuals produced each item, one at a time.

For instance, someone in the clothing industry would use labor to hand-sew clothes, and they would spend hours or even days to produce a piece of cloth before it made its way to the market.

Manufacturing costs are also higher in this case as it requires personal labor.

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Technology has changed everything.

Now, any piece of clothing can be created within minutes with the help of an automated production line.

This drove down the cost-per-item significantly.

Another example would be the new LED television replaced by chunky television sets.

Look around; new technology is benefiting us in more than one way.

10. Making discoveries

The doomed Titanic was discovered by using an unmanned submersible called Argo.

It was over two miles below the ocean’s surface.

This was due to the latest machinery available at that time.

Because Titanic was discovered, many items were recovered, people got to see the ill-fated ship on their television. This could have inspired people how not to create a passenger liner.

If the electricity weren’t discovered, then we’d be sitting ducks.

The same goes for any discoveries made so far. That includes telephone by Alexander Graham Bell or the Wright Brothers, who built the world’s first successful motor-operated airplane.

I can go on, and so will the article, but you get the gist.

11. Cloud computing services

When I mention the word ‘cloud’ concerning technology, it sheds its most-known understanding of the white masses of condensed water vapor in the sky.

Today, it means the remote servers and storage networks used to store data and offer computing services.

Ask any millennial or Gen-Z about the cloud, and they’ll explain that it is a virtual place where their data is stored, which can be accessed from any device from anywhere in the entire globe.

This makes way for secure storage and easy accessibility.

Cloud computing is a revolution for the IT infrastructure, software, or services that reside on the ‘cloud.’

It’s also cost-effective and removes the need for on-premises computing needs.

12. Entertainment

Well, yes! Technology has improved the way we consume entertainment.

Earlier, watching films meant physically going to the theaters and watching newly released movies.

I remember when cassettes and CDs were cool to own, now permanently replaced by online audio streaming and media services such as Spotify or Apple Music.

Advantages of Technology

We don’t need a separate device to listen to the radio; FM is a standard feature on many phones.

Special effects in movies, series, and other similar media are due to technology. A web-swinging Spider-Man wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for technology powering machines that made such effects.

Clicking pictures, shooting movies on a smartphone, watching content in a few taps, watching live matches, etc., are some famous examples of how technology made entertainment fun.

13. Cheaper alternatives

As the technology evolved over the years, many businesses found cheaper alternatives to the existing technologies.

An apt example would be electric vehicles such as Tesla or Ather, which aim to replace gas vehicles in the future.

Thanks to easy access to technology, the modern industrial world has helped humans advance.

Even though machines and robots have replaced humans as workers, we are the ones still monitoring them.

A few years ago, the LG phone department launched phones with a triple-camera setup, and it was unheard of at that time.

In 2019, most phones – cheap or expensive, had at least two cameras.

That is the power of technology.

We are now seeing laptops with dual screens and foldable smartphones. Soon, they will be the default options if we want to adopt them.

14. AI makes complex tasks much easier

One term that always comes up when mentioning technology is artificial intelligence.

No, I am not referring to AI of the fictional ‘Terminator’ world that takes over the world.

AI is much more than that.


Artificial intelligence is a form of technology that imitates simple human cognitive functions, which can learn to solve problems as we use it.

The best example would be using AI on social media platforms to identify racist content or hate speech.

Or they are even telling Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, to set a timer for 10 minutes.

Artificial intelligence adapts to instructions with frequent use.

Who can argue that AI has made human life more manageable by anticipating our behavior and made our relationship with technology effortless? Maybe Elon Musk.

15. Innovation in almost any fields

Technology has straightaway paved the way for innovation in all the fields that exist today.

Go to a shop and buy something. The cashier will give you a printed receipt after the purchase is logged in. Technology is behind this.

Cancer can now be cured based on which stage it’s on. How? Technology has advanced the medical field rapidly.

A computer that weighed over 15lbs is now available in a mobile form known as a laptop, some of them now weigh at least 4lbs.

Owing to technology, we have seen modernization through digitization in many fields.

In the farming field, better animal health guarantees better poultry and dairy products.

I can name a few fields that cannot survive an hour without using any form of technology.

If we innovate, we’ll land a man on Mars soon.

16. Improved way of living

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to look for alternatives in almost everything we do.

For me, it is shopping for products. Amazon and BigBasket make online shopping easy and hassle-free.

Booking a doctor’s appointment is an excellent example of how technology has improved our way of living.

I remember reading about Ancient Egypt, where people dug a hole to store water so that they could drink cold water after a long day of work.

For us, it means refrigerator.

That is the peak example of how much technology has advanced and improved our lives, making it more accessible.

17. Living in a secured environment

We live in a more secure environment for humans due to technological advancements.

The simple banking process and the overall money management have been secured and authentic.

Credit cards let us buy things without paying up-front.

Moreover, plastic cards help us avoid carrying cash.

Closed-circuit television, webcams, surveillance cameras, etc., have made us relived as we know people are being watched at certain places.

This avoids robbery and other human judgment errors.

All these factors have improved the way we communicate around the globe, how we exchange information, and so on.

18. Digital formats

Do you recall when photographs had a film, which needed to be printed, which essentially made way for photo albums?

Today, our smartphones store the same data in a different format. JPEG, RAW, etc.

The various digital formats have also increased communication, giving birth to social media platforms where photos and videos can be uploaded and downloaded in just 2-taps.

Technology has made it possible to listen to music on tape to Spotify on our smartphones, not just storing photos and videos.

The digital formats have effectively revolutionized how we store and transmit any data.

19. Data Storage

As mentioned in the earlier segment, digital formats have made various files relatively easy.

But how are these formats stored?

When you click a picture or shoot a video, it is captured in a default format accepted by industry standards.

These media are either stored on the device’s local storage or cloud storage.

When you save your data on the cloud, you keep the risk of your device’s hard disk malfunctioning.

Moreover, data on the cloud can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You even don’t have to carry the device – simply remember the login and password.

The media or files stored online are safe compared to an HDD or SSD that has more chance of crashing anytime.

Moreover, online storage sites have better security than physical hard drives.

It’s relatively easy when it comes to sharing files from the cloud. If you have essential data on a hard disk, you must carry it.

Lastly, data recovery of online data storage sites is robust. So, expect a quick recovery of your files, making cloud/online storage a secure and safe option.

If you don’t want to take such a drastic step, you can schedule automatic backups, effectively avoiding any sudden loss of data.

20. New military technology

The United States of America had authority over Japan in the Second World War in 1945 due to its weapon.

We are well aware of how and where the weapons were used.

However unfortunate these atomic bombings were, it was a result of advancement in the field of weaponry.

Pilotless drones or unmanned aerial vehicles aircraft are now used to bomb places that harbor the world’s most dangerous terrorists.

Cyberwarfare is another example where technology is being weaponized.

21. Improved home and work-life

I have been working from home since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the entirety of the world.

It’s close to two years now that I can write articles like these sitting on my sofa, with a laptop on my lap and a hot cup of tea by my side.

Technology has improved how we execute our daily tasks, including cleaning our household or working remotely.

A quick Zoom meeting with clients or a video call with a therapist is a few clicks away.

Employees can communicate with their bosses and co-workers from anywhere; teachers can solve doubts of their students with a quick video call; a technician can take control of your device and get things for you.

All this is by virtue of technological advancements.

22. The world is a small place

Believe it or not, the world has become a small place where a French citizen can learn an Indian sweet dish by typing related terms on YouTube.

Technology ushered in the 21st century in a big way, and we are reaping its benefits.

The World Wide Web or *www* has made everything possible.

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I know that North Korea, a country in East Asia, exists in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, and I understand how repressive it is and the horrendous things its dictator has done.

I have never visited or intend to visit the country, but I am abreast about it by watching multiple documentaries and hearing bizarre news reports.

A person can start learning the Japanese language without paying a penny.

I think that says everything technology is capable of.


What are the five advantages of technology?

Following are some of the top 5 advantages of technology:

  • Better health-care.
  • Effective communication.
  • Saves time.
  • Remote learning.
  • Safe banking.

What are some disadvantages of technology?

Following are some of the disadvantages of technology:

  • A low value of human workers, leading to loss of jobs.
  • Negative impact on students.
  • Weapons and Mass Destruction.
  • Social Isolation.
  • Addiction.

What are the advantages of technology in communication?

Technology in terms of communication has many pros. Some of them are:

Connecting in real-time, be it emailing, messaging, or even video calling.
Helping socially awkward people to connect.
Quick communication – conveying emergencies, etc.

How does technology improve the quality of life?

Technology has improved our quality of life, from connecting to our loved ones in any corner of the globe (except North Korea) to performing household chores. Education, medicine, and transportation are some fields that have had significant benefits due to the advent of technology.

What is the advantage of technology in education?

With technology adequately utilized in the education sector, students get information without hassle as the learning is accelerated. Methods such as A/V learning make exploration of new subjects fun. The 2020 pandemic has proved that technology is helpful in many ways.


These are some of the most common advantages of technology.

I scoured the Internet to see if I could develop additional advantages, but twenty-two is the number I could manage.

Technology has also made our lives much easier, apart from modernization in several fields.

Thanks to advanced tech, I don’t have to stand in a queue to pay my electricity bills. And for many such things.

My mother has a saying – “Every coin has two sides,” and the same can be said for technology.

No matter how promising technology has gotten, it still has its flaws.

On one side, tech billionaires are alarmed at the growth of artificial intelligence, while some only see tech as a means to waste precious human time.

Whatever the two sides of technology are, it is indeed a part of our lives, and we must use it with caution.

I am an ambivert, an avid reader, a movie buff, a tea connoisseur, and a staunch fan of Priyanka Chopra Jonas. I like to give my insights through words, which come naturally to me. They also help me to express the myriads of emotions I go through. When not working, I'm either watching the latest tech videos or flipping through pages.