Adobe won’t change Figma subscriptions cost even after acquisition

The platform will remain free for education.

Adobe won’t change Figma subscriptions cost even after acquisition

American software company Adobe will not change Figma’s pricing model, and ease of use as users were worried that the platform’s acquisition would affect the pricing seeing Adobe’s expensive programs.

Figma co-founder Dylan Field explained that Adobe isn’t planning any cost increase and that the platform willaccessibleain free for education.

Adobe Chief Product Officer Scott Belsky has comforted apprehensive Figma users that Adobe won’t change the pricing model and ease of use in an interview with Bloomberg. He added that Figma would remain a “freemium” offering with a basic tier available at no cost.

Adobe won’t change Figma subscriptions cost even after acquisition
Image credits: Reuters

Adobe said this month that it plans to acquire Figma, keeping it as an independent unit within the company, with Field retaining his post as CEO.

Tech pundits are wondering about the fate of Adobe XD, Figma’s direct competitor. The firm has no rapid plans to obliterate the software, but it will “reevaluate where [it] want[s] to shift [its] resources and focus once Figma comes in.”

Acrobat and Adobe Express could get their versions of Figma’s presentation and whiteboard functions. “We would only want to amplify and continue and learn from the things that Figma has done to become a viral product in the enterprise and throughout the world,” Belsky said.

Adobe and Figma anticipate the $20 billion deal to close in 2023, so long as it gets backing from regulators and shareholders.

Dylan Field told The Verge that when he started Figma, he only thought about making immaculate design tools. In 2012, Field and co-founder Evan Wallace had the idea of building design software for the web browser — making the design process interactive, live, and collaborative. These features were never seen in software before.

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