123mkv Movies: Is it Legal and Safe?

123mkv Movies

Movies are a huge part of our lives. Often referred to as an art form, we enjoy them and take lessons from them. Making movies, however, is not easy as just watching them and throwing your two cents as a critic. A lot of effort goes behind making any art form. In the world of entertainment, we have adjusted to OTT platforms and even if we have to pay a price to use their services, some of us haven’t adjusted and still use torrents and websites that offer movies for free.

This article will be talking about 123mkv Movies – a big name in the piracy world that has a huge fan following. But some people have questions regarding its legality. So, dive into this article and know 123mkv Movies: Is it legal and safe?


What is 123mkv?

As I’ve mentioned, movies and TV shows provide us with entertainment but to watch them, you need to pay for it. People don’t think that it is wise to spend thousands of bucks on subscription fees. So, they opt for illegal ways such as torrents and other websites that offer similar pirated content. One such website is 123mkv. It has a repository of huge films and TV series that users can watch without paying a penny. Users get to stream or download videos on 123mkv that includes the newest Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, and dubbed movies in different resolutions.

123mkv Movies

Genres provided by 123mkv Movies

Movies have different genres and some are a fan of one while some aren’t. On 123mkv, you’ll get content from various genres. They include Action, Cartoon, Drama, Horror, Romantic, Science Fiction, Thriller, and Vampire.

Some of the latest leaks by 123mkv Movies

The movies that 123mkv recently leaked include Joker, KGF, Thappad, Chappak, Sahoo, Dear Comrade, Kodaram Kondan, Street Dancer 3D, etc.

123mkv Features:

Here are a few features of 123mkv that have amassed a huge following for the website. It doesn’t charge a single subscription penny so it’s free. The layout and the user-interface are quite easy to get around. You get to surf through a lot of TV shows and movies that are suitable for people of different age groups. As mentioned above, you’ll see content from various genres that include thriller, action, etc. You can stream and/or download videos without registering or fees. Don’t worry if you use mobile data as 123mkv allows users to download content at a low data cost.

If you aren’t sure of the quality of the video, the website offers screenshots. You’ll also see posters and some information about the movie such as movie pixels, IMDB Ratings, box office collection of the movie, names of the cast and crew, movie length, etc.

Download content from 123mkv videos

Known to be one of the most user-friendly pirated sites, 123mkv provides with paid video content for free. Follow the steps given below to know how to download content from the website:

Step 1: You can use different mirror sites to enter 123mkv websites. I’ve listed them below. You can also do a simple Google search.

Step 2: You’ll know that you’ve opened 123mkv when you see blue inits on the top left corner of the website.

Step 3: In the suggestion box, you’ll see various movie suggestions.

Step 4: If you are looking for a particular movie, then type the name of it in the search box. You’ll get a link to the movie that you can stream or download.

Step 5: To ease the search results, you can use filters. For instance, you can select the category, quality, or the language of the movie.

Step 6: You’ll see a download button below each video content. Click on it to download.

123mkv Movies: Is it Legal and Safe?

Now let me answer the elephant in the room: is 123mkv safe and/or legal? As I’ve mentioned a lot of times, 123mkv isn’t an OTT platform like Netflix; it is a pirated website that is operated by anonymous people. In the purview of Indian laws, such sites aren’t legal and there are punishments according to the Indian Penal Code.

So, you could go to jail or pay a hefty fine or BOTH! These websites are constantly banned but they stay alive by shifting the URL. This means that they don’t have permanent URLs. Hence, they could be corrupted due to some privacy issues. This makes the site unsafe to download content from since they are a threat to your data. Keep in mind that it is a pirated website since it doesn’t own any of the content.

Mirror Sites of 123mkv

If 123mkv isn’t accessible, here a few of its mirror sites that let you download content. 123Movies, 7StarHD, 9xRockers, Alluc, Crackle, DownloadHub, Extramovies, Filmywap, Katmoviehd, Movierulz, Tamilgun, TamilMV, and Zmovies.

Other legal and safe options:

The platform that introduced the phrase ‘Netflix and Chill’ doesn’t need any introduction. We all have that one friend who uses someone else’s Netflix account to watch a trending show. Thanks to the overwhelming response from Indian audiences, Netflix introduced a ₹200 single-device mobile plan that is charged monthly.

123mkv Movies

I pay a whopping ₹400 to my cable services and there aren’t many good channels so ₹200 is a bargain. Coming to Amazon Prime services, for the cost of ₹999 you get access to Amazon Music, Prime Video, and 1-day deliveries on the Amazon shopping app. You’ll need to pay the amount on an annual basis which is super cheap, as compared to other countries.

Then there’s Disney+Hotstar which lets you stream premium Disney shows along with content that is aired on Star entertainment channels. I recently watched Sushmita Sen’s Aarya on the app and it’s worthy of your time. You’ll also find children-friendly content like Doraemon and other well-known cartoons.

You’ll be paying ₹399 for the VIP plan or ₹1499 for a Premium plan. That is also on an annual basis. You can also try Zee5, SonyLIV, and Voot that have good original content. If the subscription fees are too high for you, split it among your family or friends. I have personally subscribed to Netflix’s ₹800 Premium plan and split it with three friends.

Once you start earning, it’s time to opt for services that are safe and aren’t illegal. You’ll have fewer problems to deal with.


Is 123mkv safe?

123mkv offers content that is pirated so that is not safe nor legal. The people that run the website are anonymous and thus their identity isn’t disclosed. They show pesky pop-ups so clicking those could lead to hacking of your device.

Can 123mkv give you a virus?

Your 123mkv is illegally obtained since they do not host the content themselves. They might be infected with malware or virus.


I hope I’ve answered everything you were looking for about 123mkv movies. You shouldn’t watch content on piracy websites since they are illegal and unsafe. I have mentioned above that a Netflix membership costs ₹200 for a single device, while Amazon Prime Video charges ₹999 for a year in which you get Music, Video content, and Prime deliveries. You can also share the subscription fees within your circle so it becomes cheaper.

What are your experiences with torrents, and 123mkv in particular? Do you still use torrent websites to download content? If not, do you pay for an OTT platform? If yes, which is your preferred one? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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