What is the Meaning of 🤬 Emoji; Cursing Emoji Meaning

🤬 Cursing Emoji Meaning

🤬is known as the Cursing emoji. It is used when you want to curse or abuse someone or something. The red face depicts anger while the black bar and white grawlixes replace the slur. The emoji is used when you are furious, frustrated, or to convey an outburst of rage.

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Different Names

Serious Face with Symbols Covering Mouth, Swearing, Cussing, Cursing, and Abusing.

Launch date

🤬 was confirmed as a part of Unicode in 2017 and was added as an emoji the same year.


  1. Ola’s driver canceled my ride 🤬
  2. You won’t believe what happened today 🤬 My dog destroyed my charging wire.
  3. What did he say to you? 🤬 I am gonna teach him a lesson!

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