5 Best WordPress Pagination plugins for better navigation

WordPress Pagination plugins

In my last posts I’d discussed with you, How to add pagination to your WordPress theme. This is the sub-post of that article. In this post I have shortlisted some responsive pagination plugins for WordPress.

WordPress Pagination plugins

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]S[/su_dropcap]imply, A pagination in a WordPress is the navigation between the two or more pages of your website. As I’ve already postulated to my readers that the plugins are the primary solution for any WordPress issue. WordPress Plugins has been proved to be the best. But too much plugins may affect your website speed or slow down its loading time. Your website can run smoothly with 10-15 WordPress plugins. More than 15 is not good. If you’ve read my last post, I’ve told you that, in WordPress there is an inbuilt function of pagination. But the problem is that, It only shows the text values for ‘older posts’ and ‘newer posts’. And I hope that this is not the thing you’re searching for. The modern web design should not pretend to be as simple as this. Pagination will look very old fashioned when you use this. So the better option is to use plugins.

There are many pagination plugins are available, some of which are responsive and made on Bootstrap 3. If you’ve already installed many plugins on your website then please check this post: How to create pagination without plugin.


This is a numeric page navigation plugin which lets the user to properly control the pagination on their WordPress website. The plugin is css based and very unique styled. You can easily manage it on its settings page.



The plugin is responsive and SEO friendly. I runs smoothly on all the devices. WP-Paginate is a simple and flexible pagination plugin which provides users with better navigation on your WordPress site. The plugin is 5 years old and has more than 60,000+ active installs. The plugin is compatible with all the versions of WordPress. This is an awesome plugin with lots of styling options.

WP-Smart Pagination


This is a very unique pagination plugin from all of these. It includes a simple response form with the pagination links, which helps to navigate to any page by just entering the page number in it. You can also style this plugin according to your theme using the .css and .less files provided in this plugin.

Ajax Pagination



If you’d noticed that, in the Facebook there are no page numbers at the end of the page. As you scroll down more posts comes up. This feature is called as an Ajax. Similarly, This plugin will add an Ajax pagination to your WordPress website just like Facebook or Twitter. There are 3 paging types to choose from; infinite scroll that automatically loads new posts as the user reaches the bottom of the screen, a load more button that when clicked loads new posts and pagination that displays normal pagination but loads the next page with Ajax. When using pagination the browser back and forward button still operate as expected. All 3 options deliver a great user experience.

Alphabetic Pagination


As the name has a word ‘alphabetic’ there must be something related to the alphabetical letters. This plugin filters all your post alphabetically. Suppose you have this plugin installed on your WordPress website, Then the 1st page will contain all the post starting with letter ‘A’, 2nd page with ‘B’, 3rd page with ‘c’, and so on. This plugin will be great if you are running a music website or an eCommerce website.

These are the five best WordPress pagination plugins for successfully enabling the different types of page navigation in WordPress. You can install anyone of them according to your needs.

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WordPress Pagination plugins

WordPress Pagination plugins


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