Women entrepreneurs in India can generate 150-170 million jobs by 2030

2020 02 19 11 42 46

As per a joint report released on Tuesday by Bain and Co. and Google, women entrepreneurs in India can generate 150-170 million jobs by 2030.

“There are an estimated 16 million women-owned and controlled enterprises, representing approximately 20% of all enterprises today that are creating direct employment for about 27 million people in India. However, if we focus on enabling women entrepreneurs to start up and scale, we will be able to increase direct employment by 50-60 million people, increase indirect and induced employment of another 100-110 million people, taking the total number of jobs to 150-170 million by 2030,” said Megha Chawla, partner, Bain and Co., and the lead author of the report.

Megha also said that unlocking entrepreneurship among women in India is a complex effort but provides an unprecedented opportunity to change the economic and social trajectory of the country and its women for generations. This will drive tremendous job creation and also deliver transformational social and personal outcomes for women, said Chawla.

A majority of all women-owned enterprises are single-person enterprises with the largest group being rural non-farm home-based business owners at 38%, followed by urban self-employed women at 31%, who usually work from home.


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