Will squats lead to knee pain ??

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( Will squats lead to knee pain ? )

Everybody talks about the drawback of doing squats but no one talks about its advantages.  If we look from a scientific approach there are many advantages of exercising squats than its demerits. But the highlighted point is that you avoid squat because it will lead you to knee pain. But have you ever thought or I can say researched the reason behind this knee pain. Well if not I will guide you to that way. So what can be the reason behind this knee pain? Will squats lead to knee pain ??

1. Incorrect form and technique

This is a fundamental thing which if you master you will be able to lift efficiently. Since people don’t do it with correct form and technique they end up injuring themselves.

But what is the correct form and technique for a squat?

Will squats lead to knee pain ??

A squat is a structural movement as the weight is an axial load as it is divided throughout the body when it is placed on the spine of the scapula. Placement of the bar is important because if while doing the movement if the bar is not travelling in the line of gravity or you can say straight line or you can say if it’s not cutting an imaginary line between your foot at around your substellar where the center of mass should be you are doing it wrong, and hence if you think that you are lacking at correct form and technique go ahead and correct it.

2. Partial squats

This point is also related to the appropriate form and technique. And form and technique also include your range of motion.  The ideal range in a squat is when you femur that is your thigh bone is parallel to the floor this. Hence in concentric phase, the muscle involvement will be more of your posterior muscles and along with that your gluteal group assisted by your hamstrings and the targeted muscle working is quadriceps. This muscle involvement happens only if your range is complete because if you complete the range the energy is not transferred onto the knees but by not completing that range your knees are forced to generate that force and the involvement of core muscles and the targeted muscle diminishes.

3. Hip tightness

The other reason for pain in the knees can be due to hip tightness as the muscles are connecting tissues and hence some of the muscles are biarticulate that is they cross two joint and hence they by default work at both the joints hurt due to tightness in one area it is possible that the other part may take that excessive load and hence result in knee pain. The solution for this is that you must do proper stretching.

4. Sedentary lifestyle

Your way of living also can be the reason for your performance as the body is not familiar with some exercise activities and due to this in the long term, you are prone to injuries.

Now you know the answer so get started!

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Will squats lead to knee pain ??

Last updated: June 23, 2016

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Hi Dhrumil,

I think your last two points go hand-in-hand. Our sedentary lifestyle, which requires hours of sitting, leads to hip tightness. When we decide to get up and head to the gym, it’s the perfect recipe for knee pain.

yes, absolutely! our way of living might be comfortable but that should not affect our health.

Thanks for this information!
It’s helpful 🙂

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