Will lifting weights stunt your height ??

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Ok so today let’s reveal this myth among all of us. Our topic is Will lifting weights stunt your height ?? And the answer is that lifting weight will never stunt your height.  This is because your bones always grow and never shorten by length.

Now the question arises that what is the ideal age for start lifting weights?

Will lifting weights stunt your height ??

The ideal age for lifting weights is from 12 or 14th year.  But now lets come to the main question and focus on some scientific facts that, why weight training will not stunt your height.

And for this you have to consider some factors.

  • The first factor is that your height is dependent on your harnesses and is hereditary. So if you don’t find yourself tall your genetics can be a barrier.  But a shorter height should not be seen as a drawback. Because people with lower limb lengths are able to lift heavier poundages . This is because the resistance  I . E the weight has to travel a short distance during the exercise hence the delay of fatigue happens due to shorter distance traveled by the resistance.
  • The second factor which has to be considered is the maturity period of any individuals. It is often observed that most of the girls become mature before boys at an early age.  Hence due to hormonal changes during that period they start observing changes in their body. And in case of boys this hormonal changes takes place a little later. But research shows that the growth of height sometimes takes place early in some individuals but for some individuals it is observed that they tend grow in between 15-20 years of age.

Now lets talk that why lifting weights at an early age will benefit you.

The answer for this is that as a child you have a very good flexibility but there can be chances if your lifestyle is sedentary it will lead to low bone density because if your bones are not getting stronger by doing any activity, this will lead to low bone density which is very much dangerous and low production of calcium in bone. Will lifting weights stunt your height ??

Other than this if you start weight training at an early age many of the disorders can be eliminated such as bone density, postural problems, testosterone growth will take place, improving your muscle mass and also overcoming obesity. So as you read that how weight training is much more better than any other trick for your overall development.

So now the decision is on you. Chose to be different from others or remain the same. And always follow the scientific approach for proper guidance.

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Will lifting weights stunt your height ??

Last updated: May 10, 2016

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