Why to train legs ? Why leg training is Important ?

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Why to train legs



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As a building stands firm on its pillars , your legs are the pillars of your body . Most people   fear to train legs just because it is pain full or rather we can say that they just cannot bear the soreness after leg day and also avoid due to knee pain.

But today I will tell you the reasons for training legs.


Why to train legs


  • It increases functionality

By doing compound movements such as squats,lunges, step ups, you are not only training your legs but improving your functional strength because these compound movements are which we use in day to day life and while working out that particular movement and mastering it you are improving on your strength.

  • Contributes to fat loss.

Your leg consist of quadriceps , hamstrings , calves, glutes maximus , minimus, and medius, hipp adductors. Involvement of more muscles means more muscle breakdown , more muscle breakdown means more growth of muscle cells (hypertrophy) which forces the muscle cells to absorb more nutrients from your body in order to repair and grow

  • Improved GPP

Gpp is nothing but general physical preparedness and inorder to achieve it you need to work on the essential 5 components of fitness. They include cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, musculoskeletal strength , flexibility and ideal body composition . improvedGpp will help in tackling day to day situations.

  • Shaping your body

With overall muscle development it will help you to develop your personality , can make your posture look good not only internally but by also improving the bone density ( only if proper nutrition ) and ultimately making you strong.

  • Helps you in your other lifts

It will help in improving performances in other major lifts such as deadlifts, push press, snatch, clean and jerk, etc.


Hence as we saw the various benefits of training legs go ahead and achieve your incomplete goals and don’t be that guy in the gym who does not train legs because if your foundation is not strong your empire may collapse. 🙂

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Why to train legs

Why to train legs

Last updated: February 14, 2016

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